What is Marrowthon?

Marrowthon is a pan-India effort to solve QBank together, to build a habit of consistency.

How do I participate in Marrowthon?

1, When a Marrowthon is live, it will be announced in your QBank. Typically, a Marrowthon will be 2 weeks long.

2, To participate in the Marrowthon, you have to solve at least 5 QBank modules a day, continuously for the given dates.

3, At the end of the Marrowthon, you can share the screenshot of your QBank Tracker on the Marrow Instagram – we’ll share it as our Instagram story. 

What is the purpose of Marrowthon?

We went back and assessed our interviews with toppers –  and we noticed that 80% of the toppers have highlighted the importance of “consistently” solving QBank.

Out of curiosity, we checked their QBank solving pattern internally. 100% of the toppers have solved at least 5 modules everyday (5 is the minimum, on most days they have solved 8-14 modules)

We also observed that certain students have a short phase where they solve a lot of modules (up to 20) together, with phases without any QBank activity. This was a common pattern, and the GT + real exam performance of this group was poor.

The key learning we got from this analysis was: “Your preparation cannot be a sprint. It has to be a Marathon.”

Rather, it’s a Marrowthon!

Marrowthon is a habit-forming tool to solve this simple, but critical, performance-defining problem – how to bring consistency to your preparation? What works is constant continuous improvement, every day. 

We encourage you to be part of this pan-India consistency-building exercise.

“I would jot down QBank MCQ ids in my notebook and quickly revise them during the end of my preparation. The bookmarking feature was very useful, as it helped me to cover my problem areas in a short span of time.”

Dr. Raghavendra B Pandit, Rank 2, NEET PG 2020

“I solved the MCQs according to the subject I was reading…on average, I used to solve around 5-6 modules every day.”

Dr Shobhit Garg, Rank 4, NEET PG 2020

“The QBank was really useful, also because the explanations are very good. Questions did come from there in the exam.” 

Dr. Vineetha Kanneganti, Rank 1, AIIMS PG 2020, Rank 2, JIPMER 2020

This is what Marrowthon 1 looked like for our students!


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  1. Yasvanth Kumar says:

    It’s better to have a count on no of questions solved in a day including custom module.. It will boost the confidence and helps to keep on moving..

  2. dr.sanjay says:

    it is very good method to make the habit to solve will really help to boost up the confidence ..thank you marrow

  3. Ved Prasad says:

    If someone motivating to do something then it’s really helpful so keep doing thing like this it’s awesome.

  4. dr ponmani says:

    its really a good method …. which motivate us to solve the questions …. thank u marrow …..

  5. tapas priyaranjan says:

    If my total nos of q bank modules are over, should I reset again for Marrowthon?

  6. ABHINABA SAHA says:

    This will be really effective and helpful and also keep us motivated.

  7. Kubileima says:

    How and when can I join

  8. Kubileima says:

    When and how can I join marathon

  9. Dear sir/madam it is an Excellent move..Thanks a lot to the marrow fraternity…

  10. Nikky Mishra says:

    Please include custom modules also…..aur consider no. Of questions attempted

  11. Narayanan says:

    Need of the hour

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