6 things to know about Marrow National INI-CET PG Mock

1. Why is it important to take this test?
Marrow national INICET Mocks test will be as per the official INI-CET pattern, taken by over 1 Lakh participants across India, therefore attempting this test will give you an idea of where you stand in the real competition.

2. How long will the test be live?
Marrow National INI-CET Mock will be live from Oct 12, 10 am till Oct 16, 11:59 pm.

3. Where can I take the tests?
You can take the test from your desktop/laptop or on the Marrow app.However,it is recommended to take the exam on a laptop/desktop for an experience closest to the real exam.

4. Who can take these tests?
Marrow National INI-CET Mock is available for all Marrow Users.

5. When will we get the results?
All India rank and results will be out on Oct 17, 10 am.

6. Can we give the test after the results are out?
You can, but you will get only a predicted rank which is considered less accurate. So it is not recommended.

All serious students take Marrow Mock seriously. You will never feel fully prepared for a mock test. Dont wait for that time. The best time to take a mock test is – Now. All the best! 

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  1. Arun Giri says:

    Very good

  2. Dr Balakrishna says:

    Where is this test available.
    Iam unable to find

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