NEET PG 2023 top rankers share preparation tips

NEET PG 2023 top rankers shared with us some tips that helped them in their preparation – from utilizing GTs and Schema, to what they did on the last day before the exam.

Dr. Arushi, Rank 1, started giving GTs early in her preparation. She says:

I started giving GTs in the first month of my internship. After attempting a GT I used to review all the questions that I did wrong, along with all the questions that I did right, but I was not very sure about. I used to reread those topic from my notes.

NEET PG 2023 Rank 1 Dr. Arushi  Marrow GT Analytics

NEET PG 2022 top rankers too used GT Analytics efficiently. You can see their graphs here.

Dr. Prem, Rank 2 had exclusively used Marrow Plan C to prepare.

I used everything starting from the Videos, the Notes, the QBank, the Test Series, the Pearls, and the Recent Updates. To add to it, I used standard textbooks for my final-year examination.

He appeared for the Marrow National NEET PG Mock & got an All-India Rank of 7 there.

The night before the exam he followed a unique routine.

It is very important to not do too much right before exam day because I have a problem of not able to sleep. I just reviewed the last Marrow GT that I had given and went through my bookmarked questions in the app.

Dr. Rupesh, Rank 3 used to religiously analyze GTs and referred to Schema to understand his weak subjects

Forensic Medicine was my weakest subject, which I figured out from my GT Analytics. So the day before NEET PG, I read only FMT, so I dont mess up in IPCs.

NEET PG 2023 Rank 3 Dr. Rupesh  Marrow GT Graph

Dr. Jui, Rank 7 used Marrow as a primary source and cleared NEET PG in her first attempt. She is still doing her internship.

I made a notebook separately where I wrote down all my mistakes that I made in Grand Tests, and I went through this notebook one day before the exam, along with brushing up on PYQs. 

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We hope these stories inspire you and help you in your preparation.


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