How to prepare with Marrow QBank effectively to score better

What Marrow QBank is: QBank is a collection NEET PG focused high yield MCQs arranged topic wise. This QBank is built ground up with repeat questions and their derivatives from 2015–2018 as the base. The QBank is updated on a daily basis and major versions are updated after key exams.

What Marrow QBank is not: You will not find old pattern questions here. We do not attempt to cover topics just for the sake of it. Although the QBank will cover your base for AIIMS and FMG exam, but the MCQs might not be adequate for some other exams like JIPMER, NIMHANS etc.

10 cardinal rules to get the best out of QBank

1. Start loving MCQs — QBank is all about MCQs. It forces you to solve them. Some of you might find it hard to just solve MCQs without reading a textbook, but once you solve around 1000 MCQs things will fall in place. Treat each MCQ as a learning opportunity and fall in love with them.

2. Understand the difference between solving and reading — You will be taking a computer based test. Using only books to prepare for the exam will leave a few steps short. And by now you might have realised a lot MCQ books has an overload of information and often a lot junk or old pattern questions. Because of this reason start ‘solving’ MCQs in real time as early as possible.


Each QBank MCQ is reviewed by a faculty

3. Make notes — Whenever possible make notes from the MCQs, Videos lessons and Pearls. This is will be really helpful in revision. You should have your own notes. It is not a good practise to use your friends’ notes.

4. Keeping it simple — NO dependencies- We have seen a lot students waiting for their coaching class/videos to be complete before solving MCQs in a particular topic. This is not really necessary. Solving MCQs in QBank need not wait for anything. You can solve them irrespective of your preparation stage. Each MCQ has detailed conceptual explanation whenever necessary.

5. Plan for revision — You will forget a lot. This is normal, so make sure you allot adequate time for revision.

6. Do not skip questions in a topic — The questions are selected after multiple rounds of review and only includes high yield questions. Skipping even one among them will defeat the purpose of the QBank.

Topper contribution is a key feature of Marrow QBank. 30% of top rankers of NEET 2017 (including Rank 1, 2, 3 and 4) have contributed to the QBank

7. Tackle negative marking — You will be making a lot of educated guess in the real exam. So start doing that while solving MCQs on Marrow and see how you perform and improve. (also compare with your peers)

8. Skip textbooks — In an ideal world you might want to cross refer textbooks, but considering you have 19 subjects to cover this is not realistic. So as mentioned in point 4, read the concise explanations on QBank and try not to go back to textbooks a lot.

9. Expect to forget a lot — This happens to most of us. So read only what you can revise later. And do plan for revision of QBank (1–2 rounds).

10. Believe in you — The preparation period will be challenging, but never lose heart. Always keep your spirits up!

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  1. Amit Kumar sharma says:

    Marrow is the best way for preparation


    Pl. Call me at my mobile no. 7986790563 & 9318677363, I have to discuss about nest exam to take admission in PG . My daughter is doing MBBS from KIMS Karad.

  3. Peter says:

    Hey, can Qbanks be attempted repeatedly?

  4. Manaswini says:

    Where can i see my qbank analytics

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