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  • QBank
    • 18,500 new pattern MCQs
    • Clinically oriented to represent recent changes
    • Includes previous years’ question papers
    • Create custom MCQ Modules
  • Test Series
    • 261 Tests (72 grand tests & 189 special tests)
    • Performance analytics
    • Taken by over 1 lakh participants
    • Simulates the real exam
  • Master Classes
    • Subject-wise classes (700+ hours), including
      • MCQ discussion videos: 120 hours
      • Revision videos: 120 hours
      • Image discussion videos: 35 hours
    • Handwritten Notes
    • Conceptual & result-oriented
Marrow qbank
QBank with only recent & repeat questions
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The largest pan-India test series
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Marrow video lectures
700+ hours of videos by 19 legendary Faculty
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What makes Marrow special?

Concept-based learning
Marrow MCQs and video lessons are structured in such a way that you understand the important concepts in each topic before you learn facts. Focus on high-yield topics and repeat MCQs.
SOLVE MCQs as opposed to READing them
Since NEET-PG is a computer-based exam, practicing MCQs is critical. This helps improve your educated guess, thereby helping you tackle unsure questions better, especially when negative marking is involved.
Error Free, Evidence-Based
Every content on Marrow is peer-reviewed and comes with the latest edition of standard textbooks as references. Also, our doctors take them through multiple levels of stringent review to make sure there’s no room for error.
Makes you exam ready
Marrow test series simulate the real NEET PG exam, making sure you do not encounter any surprises on the big day. All MCQs are of extreme high probability, which makes you familiar with the actual pattern of questions.
Retain 30% more of what you read
Our modules employ Spaced Repetition, a learning technique that is proven to improve retention. In a study conducted among 8600 students, the group that used Marrow to study a topic performed significantly better.
Be part of the largest Pan-India NEET PG test series
Marrow test series have set a record with the largest number of participants nation-wide. Participate in Marrow mock tests on a real NEET PG exam-like software for an accurate all-India rank. Comes with in-depth subject-wise performance analytics
Prepared by India’s most loved medical teachers & top rank holders
MCQs & videos on Marrow are prepared and reviewed by only the best teachers across the country. After every major exam like DNB, AIIMS, PGI, etc, Marrow works with the top 20% of the first 100 rankers to update the QBank.
Learn using the most popular and trusted QBank (Edition 4) for NEET PG
Marrow QBank (Edition 4) is a topic-wise collection of MCQs, which includes only the high yield and repeat questions. QBank is reviewed frequently to ensure we stay relevant to the updated pattern of exams, latest questions and trends. Edition 4 has 30% more extra-edge content than any offline or online platforms.
Create your own custom MCQ module
Using the option Custom Modules, you can set your own parameters such as the difficulty level, subjects, tags like #RecentUpdates and more. You can even create a module from your bookmarked question or the questions you marked incorrect.

10/10 ranks in NEET PG 2020 go to Marrow Pro Students

Dr. Shivkumar Sharma
Dr. Shivkumar Sharma
Rank 1
Dr. Raghavendra B Pandit
Dr. Raghavendra B Pandit
Rank 2
Dr. Kartik Aggarwal
Dr. Kartik Aggarwal
Rank 3
Dr. Shobhit Garg
Dr. Shobhit Garg
Rank 4
Dr. Aman Agrawal
Dr. Aman Agrawal
Rank 5
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Marrow covers all the exam relevant recent updates. New advances in Biochemistry by Dr. Rebecca really helped me in the last NEET PG exam.
Dr. Shivkumar Sharma - Rank 1, NEET PG 2020
Dr. Shivkumar Sharma
I would jot down QBank MCQ ids in my notebook and quickly revise them during the end of my preparation.
Dr. Raghavendra B Pandit - Rank 2, NEET PG 2020
Dr. Raghavendra B Pandit
I was Rank 1 in Marrow National NEET Mock 2020, Grand Test 7 & 8. But I did not expect a Rank 3 in NEET-PG!
Dr. Kartik Aggarwal - Rank 3, NEET PG 2020
Dr. Kartik Aggarwal
The habit of solving QBank modules helped me immensely. It is constantly updated & error-free.
Dr. Deepak Justine - Rank 6, AIIMS Nov 2019
Dr. Deepak Justine
Strive to improve at least a tiny bit, but consistently - every single day. It compounds. And the power of compounding is massive. Edition 4 is the result of this continuous, cumulative improvement over a year, in small doses.
Dr. Rohan Khandelwal - Surgery Faculty
Dr. Rohan Khandelwal
My rank in NEET PG 2019 was 41,000. Today, I am in the AIIMS Top 15. With Marrow, I almost hacked the whole process of preparation. Marrow made me shift my focus to the core concepts, and that led me tackle questions across various subjects.
Dr. Ajith Antony - Rank 13, AIIMS Nov 2019
Dr. Ajith Antony
When you feel that you have done your best, that is a dangerous place to be. You need to go that extra one mile. That is where the magic happens. This year, all of us at Marrow have gone that extra mile to give you an unfair advantage.
Dr. Rakesh Nair - Medicine Faculty
Dr. Rakesh Nair

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