Steps to avail the Patron 2018 offer

To avail the Patron 2018 offer, choose a Pro plan of your choice and apply the coupon code PATRON2018. Here are the steps to follow:

Option 1: Purchase on the website

Visit , pick the plan of your choice and click Buy Now. Apply the coupon PATRON2018

Applying Patron 2018 Offer on website

Option 2: Purchase on the Marrow Android app

Update the app to the latest version. Go to Menu -> Subscribe. Select the plan of your choice. Tap on ‘Apply Coupon’ and enter PATRON2018

Applying Patron 2018 Offer on Android App

Tip: On either website and app, tap on “Tap to auto-apply” and the PATRON2018 code will be applied automatically. 

Make sure the Patron 2018 Offer price is seen before making the final purchase, as we will be unable to make any refunds (as per our cancellation policy.)

In case of any queries, reach out to us at

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