Update regarding playing Marrow videos on mobile devices

At Marrow we take the security of the content on our platform very seriously. Our most important goal is to deliver a world-class product experience to all our users, while protecting the integrity and hard work of all our contributing teachers.

Marrow security standards

We have instituted several security measures such as Digital Rights Management, Google SafetyNet (which also prevents rooted devices) and allowing Android version above v4.4. These international standard safety protocols allow videos to be accessed securely, greatly reduces chances of videos being pirated, and can also prevent your device from being hacked or compromised.

Some device manufacturers are yet to support these advanced security features for some phone models. This is a third party issue beyond our scope of engineering effort and we have intimated device makers to support these global standard safety features.

Devices that do not pass security checks

We have seen these devices frequently failing security checks:

  1. Lenovo K3 Note
  2. Lenovo K5 Note
  3. Xiaomi Redmi 4a
  4. Other Redmi models
  5. Asus ZenFone
  6. Lava phones

This list not exhaustive and changes on a daily basis, as phone manufacturers update phone software versions and safety protocols keep getting improved. The list is also device specific – meaning some phones of the above models can support Marrow content, while others cannot.

Devices that pass security checks

While we cannot provide a foolproof list, we have seen Marrow working seamlessly on most devices from these manufacturers:

  1. Motorola
  2. Samsung
  3. OnePlus
  4. Google Pixel
  5. Apple

What you can do

We suggest you try using Marrow in multiple devices and see if videos run. In case you have already subscribed to a Marrow video plan before 3rd Feb 2018 and are affected, we are happy to discuss an amicable solution. Please email us on support@marrowmed.com and our team will be in touch.

We apologise for the confusion that this causes. Our engineering team is working hard to ensure maximum students are benefited from Marrow.