Now Live: E6.5 Revision Videos – The best ever Revision videos by Marrow

Post updated on: 19 Jan 2024 | 10:30 AM

We are happy to announce that the new E6.5 Revision Videos are now available on the Marrow app. The new Revision Videos are made with the aim of making your revision ‘faster and tighter’, and to give you confidence.

Here’s how the new revision videos will help you:

  1. Super-fast revision
  2. Master the ‘volatile topics’
  3. Quickly revise all previously asked topics

With more tables, images, Pearls and flowcharts than any of the Marrow videos, these 180 hours of videos are designed to help you revise more content in less time. We, at Marrow, can proudly say that the E6.5 Revision videos are the best-ever Revision Videos we have launched. We truly hope this will help you make your final lap of preparation more efficient.

Please note: You can access the E6 Revision videos from the NEET-PG section in the app until November 30th

Sample E6.5 Revision video

Please keep in mind that these videos are meant only for revision, after you have completed the main videos. You should not be using it as a standalone source.

Frequently Asked Questions about E6.5 Revision videos:

  1. How do I get the E6.5 Revision Notes PDF?
    An email containing the link to download the E6.5 Revision Notes PDF has been shared with all eligible Plan C users. Kindly check your inbox for the same.
  2. When will all the E6.5 Revision Notes soft-copy get uploaded in the app?
    The in-app notes for all 19 subjects are now available on the app.
  3. What is the difference between E6 Revision videos and E6.5 Revision videos?
    The new and updated E6.5 Revision Videos have more PYTs, images, flowcharts, and Pearls compared to the E6 revision videos. Furthermore, the E6.5 Revision Videos are well-designed for a faster revision.
  4. For how long will the old E6 Revision videos be available in the app?
    The older version – E6 Revision videos – will be available on the app until NEET-PG 2024. However, we highly recommend utilising the new and updated E6.5 Revision videos for a more effective revision.
  5.  Can I buy E6.5 Revision videos separately?
    No. You will get E6.5 Revision videos along with your Plan C.
    Please keep in mind that the Revision Videos are designed for a quick recap of all 19 subjects and should be watched only after you have completed the main videos. They are intended for revising the topics you have already studied and should not be used as a standalone study source.

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3 Responses

  1. I think it’s very useful for us

  2. Dr Gouranga Charan Giri says:

    So nice Marrow Team .Thank you so much for your time to time guidance. I am an In-service candidate. I am Marrow Plan-B –Plan-C user since 3 years . But not succeed.Give some tips how to prepare for NExT Exam.?

    • Latha says:

      Once take offline coaching. Then u will get to know how to prepare , then if u don’t understand concepts u can watch marrow

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