Clinical Edge Live+ Videos – Release Schedule

Announcing the release of Clinical Edge Live+ videos on YouTube starting May 9. These videos feature clinical vignettes and scenario-based MCQ discussions covering all 19 subjects. They are designed to help you strengthen your clinical knowledge and gain an extra edge for the upcoming exams.

See the release schedule of Clinical Edge Live+ videos below:

Sl NoDateTimeSubject
1May 95 PMSurgery Part I
2May 105 PMSurgery Part II
3May 115 PMMedicine Part I
4May 125 PMMedicine Part II
5May 135 PMOBG Part I
6May 145 PMOBG Part II
7May 155 PMENT Part I
8May 165 PMENT Part II
9May 175 PMOphthalmology Part I
10May 185 PMOphthalmology Part II
11May 195 PMCommunity Medicine Part I
12May 205 PMCommunity Medicine Part II
13May 215 PMPaediatrics Part I
14May 225 PMPaediatrics Part II
15May 235 PMDermatology
16May 245 PMPsychiatry
17May 255 PMOrthopaedics
18May 265 PMRadiology
19May 275 PMAnaesthesia
20May 285 PMMicrobiology
21May 295 PMPharmacology
22May 305 PMPathology
23May 315 PMForensic Medicine
24June 15 PMAnatomy
25June 25 PMPhysiology
26June 35 PMBiochemistry

15 Responses

  1. Pradipta Das says:

    Very needed

  2. azam ali says:

    Very good decision by management I’m very happy

  3. NITHIN GEORGE says:

    Very useful

  4. Dr geeta says:


  5. Rac says:

    Will you provide pdf for the session?

  6. Ashok mangawa says:


  7. Shruti says:

    Will they be present in youtube always or will it be deleted after some time?

  8. Ajeet says:

    Good initiative


    It’s good for us

  10. Kavya says:

    Pls do clinical case discussion with practical aspects atleast for final year subjects

  11. Dr NM says:

    Very nice.The more the better. Will it be in the app for subscribers or get auto deleted.Better if it stays.

  12. Rohit says:

    How it’s gonna help me ( clinical live edge + )
    While first reading

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