9 Tests for your final sprint of preparation for NEET PG ’19

Please find the list of upcoming Marrow grand tests. These tests are tailored in such a way as to complement your final sprint of preparation for NEET PG 2019.


  •   AIIMS May Recall – 2018
      MCQs from the AIIMS exam conducted in May 2018.
      Oct 20 – 25
  •   AIIMS Recall 2017 Nov
      MCQs from the AIIMS exam conducted in Nov 2017.
      Oct 28 – Nov 2
  •   AIIMS National Mock (free)
      This is the Marrow AIIMS Mock for the November exam.
      Nov 3 – 8
  •   AIIMS Recall 2017 May
      MCQs from the AIIMS exam conducted in May 2017.
      Nov 11 – 16
  •   JIPMER Mock
      This is the Marrow mock for the JIPMER exam to be conducted in November 2018.
      Nov 19 – 24
  •   NEET-PG Recall
      This test contains questions from previous NEET-PG exams.
      Nov 25 – Dec 2
  •   National NEET Mock (free)
      This is the largest Marrow National NEET PG Mock Test.
      Dec 3 – 10
  •   Image-Based Grand Test
      High-yielding image based questions.
      Dec 17 – 24
  •  Revision Grand Test (free)
     This is the 9th and final Grand Test from Marrow, designed for your revision. Questions in this test are mainly from the   Marrow Q-bank and are very high-yield.
     Dec 24 – 31

These tests together contain more than 65% repeat questions. It is highly recommended that you take all of these tests. You can take the tests on your laptop/PC at www.marrow.com for a real NEET PG exam experience. These tests are available for existing Marrow Pro users with Test Series plan, Plan B or Plan C free of cost. If you are not a Pro user then register now for a special discount:


Get Marrow Pro Plan A (Test Series Plan) for 3 months here.



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  1. Akhil says:

    Nice schedule

  2. Niraj kumar says:

    Yes,very usefull,i am interested

  3. Pavan kumar says:

    Sir then how much i have to pay for these 9 exams…? How to pay…? Whether these papers are available in my pc after exam with key for my future exam

  4. Madhu says:

    Hope dis will b useful

  5. Sarita says:

    Could you move up the AIIMS May recall to before the Nov AIIMS exam please? Or will we be able to access results and answer key as soon as we finish the test?

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