Schedule for the replacement of Videos

For students preparing for the NEET-PG 2020, this is a provisional schedule of replacement of Marrow videos to help you make your timetable and plan your studies.

Please note: This schedule is for students appearing for NEET-PG 2020. The syllabus for this year’s exam is already complete.


Subject Old Faculty Topics to be replaced New Faculty Expected Month of Replacement
Anatomy Dr. Arivu Selvan Head & Neck Dr. Raviraj (Entire Anatomy) Dec/Jan
Dr.Arivu Selvan Upper Limb Dec/Jan
Dr.Arivu Selvan Lower Limb Dec/Jan
Dr Ankit Khandelwal Thorax Dec/Jan
Dr.Ankit Khandelwal Abdomen & Pelvis Dec/Jan
Biochemistry Dr.Karthikeyan Proteins & Amino acids Dr. Rebecca James (Entire Biochem) Dec/Jan
Dr.Nagadharshan Enzymes Dec/Jan
Dr.Bari Carbohydrates Dec/Jan
Dr.Bari Lipids Dec/Jan
Dr.Bari Molecular Biology Dec/Jan
Community Medicine Dr.Zakir Husain all the topics Dr. Mukhmohit Singh (Entire PSM) Oct/Nov
Dr.Ganesh all the topics Oct/Nov
Dr.Suthanthira all the topics Oct/Nov
Dermatology Dr.Manish Soni Dermatology-1,2,3,4,5, Pigmentary disorders Dr.Malcolm Pinto (Entire Dermatology) Nov
Radiology Dr.Aanchal all the topics remaining one’s Dr.Mayur (Entire Radiology) Nov
Orthopaedics Dr.Terence all the topics Dr.Abbas Ali (Entire Ortho) Nov/Dec
Dr.Keith all the topics Nov/Dec
OBG Dr.Ankitha all the topics Dr.Sakshi Arora ( Entire OBG) Dec/jan
Dr.Vidhya all the topics Dec/jan
Dr.Anil kumar all the topics Dec/jan
Dr.Rajani all the topics Dec/jan
Dr.Sharmila all the topics Dec/jan
Paediatrics Dr.Bipin Jose all the topics Dr.Singaram (Entire Paeds) Dec/jan
ENT Dr. Darwin all the topics Dr. Manisha Sinha Jan/Feb
Pathology Dr.Aman all the topics Dr.Ila Jain
Dr.Sandeep all the topics Dr.Ila Jain Dec/jan
Dr.Suganya all the topics Dr.Ila Jain
Pharmacology Dr. Rajesh Autocoids Dr.Ranjan Kumar Nov
Dr. Rajesh Antimicrobials Dr.Ranjan Kumar Dec


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103 Responses

  1. Nithyaprakash says:

    Sir, for pharmacology kindly consider Dr.Ranjan kumar patel..thank you..

  2. Dr.shajahan.s says:

    I subscribed for 18 months.. eagerly waiting for these videos

  3. Piyush says:

    So , DAMS band next year ? Just give a good discount on all the courses in jan-feb when people start joining coaching. Once they see the price and what marrow has to offer they would join it. And once majority joins only marrow it would continue for coming years. It was a great concept and it will pay off.

  4. Abhishek says:

    The above mentioned are the best. Good going. But what about ENT..???

  5. anurag Ghotkar says:


  6. Syam N says:

    Why are you replacing Arivu Selvan? His videos are the best rated, I suppose.

  7. Akash Patel says:

    Thank you so much

  8. Nishant Patel says:

    Thank you and we also want to change the videos in ent

  9. akash says:

    plz upload biochemistry as soon as possible..atleast by the end of this month

  10. Mayank says:

    Initially provided us 3rd class lectures and now replacing it at very slow ruined our preparation.close your app if you can’t bring good faculties for the subjects.

  11. Dhairy Paragbhai Boghani says:

    Thank you

  12. Tushar Praveen says:

    Sir please consider ENT (replace the video by more elaborated one).

  13. AVINASH GAUTAM says:

    Please replace ENT teacher …

  14. Husain says:

    Thanks..gr8 news.. What about entt..??

  15. Arnab Ghosh says:

    Will all these video lessons be updated before 6th Jan 2019?

  16. Nakul says:

    thank you marrow

  17. Divyansh says:

    Thank you so much, that’s a great relief.

  18. Mahavir says:

    Sir please tell the tentative dates for community medicine as 3rd minor students have to prepare for the university exam accordingly. Thank you

  19. Chinmay says:

    Sir, till when will the new updated videos be uploaded in the app??

  20. Manas Jethani says:

    If these teachers are the new lineup than Marrow will be way better than it’s ever been.

  21. LDL says:

    Thank u so much

  22. kirti sharma says:

    plz in provide updates of each subjects in from last 2 or 3 months if as any updates are there

  23. Nikhil says:

    Sir what about ent the given content is not good plz update them for neet 2020

  24. Darshil says:

    When will all paediatrics video will be replaced?

  25. Sourabh Gurjar says:

    Plz mention the date by which the videos will replace?

  26. Chetna Mohapatra says:

    Thank you so much.. but what about ENT….

  27. Shradha Agrawal says:

    Yeah. Please change the ENT videos too. Thanks 🙂

  28. Abhilash Mohapatra says:

    Plz change the ent videos

  29. RAJIV KUMAR says:

    Yes please change the ENT videos…

  30. dr shweta yadav says:

    plss replac them till last nov. so dat we can watch them in December i. e. before neet exm …pls dis is humble request

  31. Ritwik says:

    Plz change the ENT videos asap. When will the above mentioned videos be uploaded? Dec/jan of 2018/19 or of 2019/20?

  32. Ritwik says:

    Plz change ENT lectures asap. The above mentioned videos will be uploaded by dec 2018/jan 2019…or dec 2019/jan 2020? I hope the former… Cz i am preparing for neet 2020…. If the videos r uploaded by the end of 2019… Then that doesnt help..

  33. Akshay Patil says:

    When we get all this replace videos

  34. Junaid alam says:

    Will the changes be by any chance after the aiims like in late november

  35. Sara yasmin says:

    Would be helpful if you kindly reconsider pharmacology videos


    Please provide the dates

  37. Santosh says:

    Change ent please

  38. Santosh says:

    Change ent please..bcz it is too short

  39. DebApriyo PAl says:

    Please don’t replace Dr. Arivu Selvan’s video, add new ones but also keep the previous videos.

  40. Vishvajeet says:

    What about ENT videos ?

  41. Vishvajeet says:

    Please upload more videos of ent also. .

  42. Dr. Sumit says:

    Sir plz plz plz change ent teacher…dr.darwin sirs notes are too short for ent. Not able to solve mcqs from these

  43. Nisha says:

    Im a plan c user .purchased on 17 /11/2017. I would like to join the same again. What is the procedure to top up

  44. ANMOL says:

    Sir is new version old medicine is not too short 80 hrs..!!?? Medicine old one is good for university pattern as well so pls create it as optional videos..instead..of replacing it.

  45. Suresh babu says:

    You already replaced videos or it will be continued whole life?pls complete syllabus as soon as possible,so that we can prepare time table to take notes from every subject ,if u go on replacing or adding videos how can we be prepare time and how can we know which videos we have to follow in particular subject ?

  46. Giridhar says:

    Pls provide the entire faculty list

  47. Shivashis dash says:

    It will be a game changer pls introduce the videos as soon as possible

  48. Rahul says:

    Don’t replace Rakesh Nairs videos
    Rather give an option

  49. Bharath Kumar Nandavaram says:

    Please don’t reduce Rakesh sir’s lectures..Tqq

  50. Eashan Aneja says:

    Rakesh sir’s classes are good as they are… so please please don’t shorten them…

  51. Dr.Avinash says:

    Please create a t&d session with strict schedule like dams nd prepladder, I think it’ll beneficial for both students nd team marrow

    • Avinash says:

      It should be Just like t&d session for…. may aiims 19′, Nov AIIMS 19′,neet 2020…. different packages for suitable price


  52. DebApriyo PAl says:

    Pls don’t change videos of Dr Darwin Jod of ENT, they are quite good. And also please don’t shorten Rakesh sir’s medicine video.

  53. Preet says:

    Please No need to comprehend Rakesh Sir’s video! They’re so good and conceptual. If it’s need to comprehend, provide other option for able to watch older video. Thank you.

    • Doctor strange says:

      Pls dont comprehend Dr Rakesh Nairs video. They are covered so well in an integrated fashion. Simple and concised medicine explanation is provided. Dont change the videos

  54. Harshil dobariya says:

    Sir plz. Change pharmacology professor

  55. Hamza says:

    Plz keep rakesh sir medicine videos…Instead of replacing it…And you can add comprehensive videos…Plz don’t replace it

  56. akash patil says:

    plz ranjan kumar patel sir for pharmac😊

  57. NaveenRaj says:

    the ENT video classes has to be changed ! Im a plan c pro user ! I watched all the videos ! but Darwin jod sir’s notes not good at all ! Change all ENT videos to Manisha Sinha Budhiraja sir ! If his VIdeo classes are also there Marrow would be awesome than DAMS always !

  58. Doctor strange says:

    Pla dont replace Dr Rakesh nairs video. They are conceptual and cover the topic in an integrated fashion so well.,pls dont upgrade

  59. Doctor strangr says:

    Pls dont comprehend Dr Rakesh Nairs video. They are covered so well in an integrated fashion. Simple and concised medicine explanation is provided. Dont change the videos

  60. Isita jana says:

    Please provide entire pharma lectures by dr. Ranjan patel sir… We all are eagerly waiting for this

  61. Isita jana says:

    Please provide entire pharma lectures by dr. Ranjan patel sir…

  62. Abhishek raj says:

    As any new discount offer come please send a link to my registered email .i want to buy the app.

  63. Akshay patl says:

    Entire pharmcology will be replace?
    What about antaomy when all video will be replaced by raviraj sir?

  64. SB says:

    The third edition has NOT gone live by the end of December as mentioned, has it?

  65. trusted man says:

    in medicine more faculties needed …thankyou marrow

  66. trusted man says:

    in medicine more faculties needed …

  67. Neelika says:

    Please dont reduce the medicine videos… We don’t want it… This is the only reason that i joined marrow… Rakesh Nair sir is best… I don’t want it to reduce… They are best and conceptual

  68. jaydip says:

    plz sir dont reduce rakesh nair sir’s medicine video . and upload renal medicine old one whichis deleted naw .it is very conceptual .

  69. Maria joshua says:

    Please dont reduce medicine videos is totally worth even if it is of long duration..he teaches best of all aspects

  70. Aysha says:

    Pls dont reduce rakesh sirs lectures … add the reduced ones seperately plsss … especially since nimhans is coming up plssss … 2018 people are still preparing for nimhans

  71. Anjal i says:

    Kindly update anatomy lectures by Dr Ravi Raj early

  72. Himadri says:

    Please re upload commed videos of dr zakir husain

  73. Ravi says:

    Why u are removing old videoes ?? We already made notes from it !!!!!!

  74. Ganesh says:

    Sir my subscription is up to feb82019 can i get hand written notes if yes how to get them and further details

  75. Gladys Vinolaya says:

    Sir, please don’t reduce Rakesh Sir lectures. It’s a humble request. He is the sole reason that I opted for Plan C in Marrow. His videos might be long ,but it helped me in clear and detailed understanding of the concepts, not only in medicine ,but also in physiology and pathology. So, please please don’t reduce it. Keep the old videos and give us an option method. So that, those who are all interested and those who don’t mind the extra hours can watch the optional videos. I have watched many of his videos and I don’t want it to be shortened or cut down or taken down. Please Sir/Marrow team , I really request to consider my opinion.

  76. Gladys Vinolaya says:

    Please don’t reduce or cut down Rakesh sir videos… Please

  77. Ratan says:

    Please give discount upto March 1st week

  78. Niyati says:

    Plz don’t reduce Rakesh sir’s lecture

  79. Niyati says:

    Plz don’t reduce rakesh sir’s lecture

  80. Ajit says:

    Deleting old videos is an act of betrayal for old subscribers…. It’s good that you’re adding new videos but please don’t delete the previous ones…. It’s a sincere request

  81. Ajit Sahu says:

    Deleting old videos is an act of betrayal for old subscribers…. It’s good that you’re adding new videos but please don’t delete the previous ones…. It’s a sincere request

  82. Anies fathima says:

    Sir /madam,,am plan c pro member,,plz updàte in biochemistry video TAC cycle

  83. sridevi says:

    Is there any microbiology pending for updates …currently no videos regarding HIV ,POLIO,Ebv, cmv. .

  84. ellie says:

    Microbiology lectures are currently lacking in HIV POLIO EBV CMV ..Will videos be updated on those topics??

  85. Akshaya says:

    When will the videos be replaced?
    My Pro plan is till March 26…
    Will I be able to see those videos

  86. Prabhath says:

    Please don’t shorten Rakesh Sir’s medicine videos. They are awesome in their current format.

  87. Joseph says:

    Even after my subscription is over for eg. 6 months, will the video retain in my apps or do I have to purchase again to retain the lectures video.

  88. Shubhashish singh says:

    Please upload the videos at quicker rate..and don’t shorten dr.rakesh sir video as they are extremely good and conceptual as well.

  89. Kindly upload Anatomy videos especially Head and neck before Nimhans

  90. Dear sir/ madam I have heard marrow is very excellent……I want to join & subscribe the marrow……
    But when is next offer coming?

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