What’s new in Marrow Edition 4 – ENT

Dr Manisha Sinha Budhiraja., MBBS, MS(ENT), DNB and a Marrow faculty, talks about what’s new in ENT in Marrow Edition 4.

Though Edition 3 videos were loved a lot by the students, I have made the best efforts to make Edition 4 ENT more clinically oriented as per your exams and overall a more enjoyable experience.
And all of you should make the maximum benefit of it.

The following changes have been made in almost all the videos:

  1. More images have been added, for better understanding and to make you more clinically oriented.
  2. Tables have been added for quick revision.
  3. Questions, especially new patterns, have been added at the end of each topic to give you better understanding and retaining of the topic and self-evaluation.
  4. Videos have been added in the vestibular physiology and pharynx section for better understanding.

Quite several changes have been done in the following videos. The students who have watched Edition 3 and are short of time can watch these.

  1. Vestibular Physiology and Localization I and II
  2. Diseases of External Ear
  3. Diseases of Tympanic membrane
  4. Otosclerosis
  5. Menieres
  6. SCC dehiscence
  7. Presbycusis
  8. Sudden SN Hearing Loss
  9. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
  10. Cochlear and Brainstem Implant and BAHA
  11. HRCT Temporal bone
  13. Anatomy of Pharynx I and II
  14. Tonsillectomy
  15. Carcinoma Larynx

Others are recommended to watch and make the maximum benefit of all the videos.
Enjoy your ENT experience! 

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