What’s new in Marrow Edition 4 – Radiology

Dr Mayur Arun Kulkarni., MBBS, MD(Radiology),DNB and a Marrow faculty, talks about what’s new in Radiology in Marrow Edition 4.

To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often! Here is what I suggest for Radiology in Marrow Edition4 videos:

General Radiology
  • Drastic change is the ANIMATIONS– for almost all modalities. These animations will help you retain the physics/mechanisms/interactions easily and for a long time without actually mugging-up. RAD-IMAGINE is new, its fresh and I hope you love it as much as I did doing these animations!
  • Contrast media – no significant changes – except a few updates
Respiratory Imaging
  • Major changes in TB imaging
  • Rest topics only minor updates
New video

These are few systems that were not discussed in Edition 3 and hence are a must-see in Edition 4. These are:

  • CVS imaging – Congenital Heart diseases
  • CVS Imaging – Acquired CVS disorders 1 & 2
  • Gynaecology imaging
  • Obstetric imaging – Spotters, Basics 1 & 2
  • Breast imaging

CNS Imaging:

  • Sectional anatomy – Must watch as it’s the foundation for all further interpretation
  • CNS Imaging modalities review – New and must watch – will provide you a basic approach for neuroimaging
  • CNS – Bleed stages on MRI – New and improved Smart-work technique to remember it
  • Rest – only minor updates

MSK Imaging:

  • Systemic bone disorders and Miscellaneous – has significant new additions
  • Rest – Only minor updates

GIT / GUT : Minor updates only

  • Trauma Head-to-toe 1 & 2 – minor updates
  • Radiotherapy – Significant changes this time
  • Radionuclide imaging – minor updates only
  • Interpretation modules USG and CT – No significant changes.
Take-home message :
  • Watch all Marrow Edition 4 videos (even if you have finished 3 videos these new videos will just be like revision. It is important to be updated – just like using a new updated edition of a book)
  • Notes – Edition 3 notes can be used with new videos – provided you add new updates into them as stick-It chits. However, the new edition 4 notes have relevant screenshots from the videos and are hence better.
Watch for :
  • Rad-Imagine Animations in General Radiology
  • New topics – CVS Imaging + Obstetric Imaging + Gynecology Imaging + Breast Imaging

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  1. Manthan saxena says:

    Is is fine if i can just use marrow notes for radiology instead of making handwriting notes??? .. because the main motto in radiology is images

  2. Dr hadiya says:

    What if i study only edition 3 ?? N not go through notes of edition 4 ?

  3. Mark Hamlin says:

    Great read!!! Thanks for sharing such a great blog.

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