What’s new in Marrow Edition 4 – Ob-Gyn

Dr Sakshi Arora Hans, MBBS, DGO(Obstetrics & Gynaecology), and a Marrow faculty, talks about what’s new in Ob-Gyn in Marrow Edition 4.

If you have already watched my lectures of Ob-Gyn in Marrow Edition 3 and made notes, then you can skip watching some of the videos in Marrow Edition 4. There isn’t any need to make notes again. Use your previous notes and just add the extra info or update the info to the notes. The basic concepts remain the same – what’s different is some updates or some extra points I have included in the below-mentioned videos.

Must-watch videos from Marrow Edition 4: 

  1. Fundamentals in obs
  2. Placenta
  3. Amniotic fluid – maximum volume at 34 weeks
  4. Basics of pregnancy
  5. Maternal adaptations
  6. Fetus
  7. PIH
  8. Diabetes
  9. Abortion
  10. Anaemia in pregnancy
  11. Twin pregnancy
  12. PPH
  13. Important points on labor
  1. Embryology and CAH
  2. PCOS
  3. Prolapse
  4. Cancer cervix
  5. Cancer vulva
  6. Urinary fistulas
  7. Hysterectomy
  8. Contraception

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  1. Akanksha Mahajan says:

    I want isolated OBGY lectures. Kindly suggest relevant marrow plan for me. I am MS OBGY and I am preparing for NEET SS exam

  2. Rajesh says:

    Hello sir… I’m obs gynea resident. I want obs gynea isolated lacture. Kindly suggest relevant plan for me

  3. Ram vishnoi says:

    I want isolated obg subscription, lecture lus mcq

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