What’s new in Marrow Edition 4?

The biggest update of Marrow ever – Edition 4 is now live. Edition 4 has all the features of Edition 3, along with a lot more new and exciting additions. It is more conceptual, clinical and result-oriented than ever before!

What’s new?

1. All videos are updated and re-recorded to be Master Classes. This includes the latest updates, new question patterns, and further optimisation to get you the best outcome – a great rank

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2. The total hours of Master Classes will more or less remain the same, approximately 700 hours, including:

  • Image Discussion videos (35 hours)
  • MCQ discussion videos (150 hours)
  • Master Revision videos (120 hours)

3.  Thoroughly edited QBank, especially Anatomy and Ortho.

4. Vertical integration between in clinical subjects in view of recent NEET PG questions.

5. Tightly integrated Videos and QBank 

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12 Responses

  1. Vasanth kumar says:

    when will edition 4 going live mid of jan or after march 2020 ?

  2. N Banerjee says:

    I am really a plan c user , validity till April. Can i access 4.0 free or do i have to pay again

  3. Garima singh says:

    Notes not available for lectures

  4. Wicky R says:

    What will happen to the old videos? Are all the videos new?

  5. Pozhilan says:

    Where are the notes???? Please give me the notes. I rely heavily on that. My whole preparation is dependant on that as I have not made any separate notes. Otherwise please let me go back to marrow 3 edition. I can’t prepare without those lecture notes

  6. C J says:

    Could you put out an analysis of the NEET PG 2020 paper? Also an idea on how to approach the new pattern both while studying and while giving the exams.

  7. Khushbu Singh says:

    I got the plan c few days back but there are no notes available!!!
    Plz provide notes

  8. Akshay Darapaneni says:

    The master revision classes when will they be released?
    I am a plan c user and I would like to know when the master revision classes will become available

  9. Vikram Sabharwal says:

    There are three types of icons for bookmarking. What do they indicate?

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