Marrow Strike Rate: 244/300 Repeats (Video + QBank)

We are excited to announce that Marrow had a strike rate of 244/300 in the last exam.

Videos alone: 219/300
QBank alone: 221/300

We have published the screenshots of all the Marrow repeat questions as 2 Facebook albums. The albums include: 

  1. Relevant QBank / Video screenshot with the specific point highlighted
  2. Corresponding question
  3. MCQ IDs or video timestamps, for recall

To view the complete albums, click on the respective buttons below.

Please note: We have shared our strike rate only as 2 Facebook Albums in our official page, and nowhere else.

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39 Responses

  1. Yogeshwardarga says:

    I want to subscribe for marrow plan c.
    Sir, are there any offers available??

  2. Dr Gudiya pandey says:


  3. Swapnil Sidana says:

    Where will i get the neet pg 2020 answer key?

  4. Dr. Rekha verma says:

    I want these details

  5. Prajwal Gajbhiye says:


  6. Sonali Pathak says:

    Kindly include the notes and slides in edition 4

  7. Shreelekha says:

    Whole and soul dependent on this marrow for my preparation

  8. Dr Sagupta Taranum says:

    It was worth to be part of this..maximum qs was from marrow qs Bank..Marrow faculties are amazing !

  9. Aviral Chauhan says:


  10. Dr.shalini says:

    Yes, marrow helped me exam a lots of questions. From app

  11. Shalini Gupta says: marrow

  12. Soumyashree Ghosh says:

    Thnx Marrow team

  13. Deepika Singh says:

    Thats amazing

  14. Jugal Meher says:


  15. Jeyakumar says:

    Marrow easy to remember gud effoert….

  16. Ranjan Kumar Patel says:


  17. Krishna deo prasad says:

    Excellent & easiest way to understand a number of things……

  18. Parmanand Raju says:

    Very nice

  19. Dr UMA says:

    Ya, image based lectures in last 2 months and q bank and videos were helpful. Thanks a lot, you did a splendid work, reminder to complete videos and q bank was helpful.

  20. Shital latpate says:


  21. Suryendu MOHAPATRA says:


  22. Suryendu MOHAPATRA says:


  23. BADARE ALAM says:

    Very nice

  24. R Raghu ambedkar says:

    Thank you marrow for ur contribution marrow helped me answer 150 questions even with a mediocre preparation with me nd though i did only solve half of the marrow question banks.

  25. Shailkumari Yadav says:

    What abt fmge exam questions ?

  26. Sana says:

    Surgery marrow was the most helpful.

  27. Indu says:

    There is a qn on osteoporotic vertebra image i am sure that I have seen that in your qn bank or testbseries

  28. Lovely app it’s super friendly app to study 24*7 all time..!!

  29. rajasekhar ganta says:

    Only q bank with explanation sufficient for neet????

  30. VIGNESH says:

    I need to subscribe plan c -24 months , is there any offer!

  31. VIGNESH says:

    I need to subscribe plan c -24 months , is there any offer! Please let me know

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