Dermatology as a PG branch – Pros & Cons

Dr Malcolm Pinto., MBBS, MD(Dermatology) and a Marrow faculty, talks about what it is like to work as a Dermatologist.


  • Regulated work hours and good work-life balance with a decent amount of money.
  • Diagnosis in dermatology is clinical predominantly with histopathology/ Dermoscopy as a supplement. Great satisfaction during diagnosis of a dermatological disease or diagnosis of a skin disease which can indicate a systemic disease (Sarcoidosis/ Diabetes/ internal Malignancy etc).
  • Blend of “medical field” + “procedures/ surgeries” (Acne/ Vitiligo/ Hair, Facial rejuvenation) for students who think performing procedures is their strength in managing a patient.
  • Almost everyone has some skin complaints; may it be acne, hair loss, fungal infection etc. So, there is no dearth of patients. With cosmetology receiving prime importance in the current scenario of affairs: Dermatology practice likely to do very well.
  • Fellowships after post-graduation in Dermatology don’t need an entrance exam and usually of 1 year. Fellowships are available in Trichology, Paediatric dermatology, Cosmetology, Dermatosurgery, Hair transplantation.


  • Duration of treatment in Dermatology (Eczema/ Acne/ Hair and nowadays even fungal infection): Slow and prolonged
  • The Course of Disease: Chronic. Relapses and remissions are a rule.
  • Qualities needed in a dermatologist: Patience in counselling. Patients who want quick-fix solutions will get frustrated

After Post Graduation: It takes time to build a name. Working with cosmetic institutes/ fellowship necessary for a cosmetology practice.

Jobs at Medical colleges: Getting saturated. Hence private practice/ working in branded clinics/ group practice way forward.


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