PSM as a career choice – Dr. Mukhmohit Singh

Dr. Mukhmohit Singh, MBBS, MD, Community Medicine, and a Marrow faculty, talks about what it is like to work as a PSM doctor.

There is always a difference between just being ‘a’ doctor and being ‘a better’ doctor.

PSM is a lovely subject, but only if you like it. The various topics are:

  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics and research  
  • Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases
  • Health planning and policies 
  • Acts and legislations of India 
  • Occupational health, Environmental health 
  • Sociology and Communication

Some areas you would work in:

Ninety percent of  MD PSM doctors work in association with medical colleges, but there are several other areas also that you can consider: 

  • WHO, UNICEF, CARE and similar international agencies
  • State government as an Epidemiologist under various national health programs
  • Own clinic/nursing home
  • Pharmaceutical companies as an Epidemiologist or a Clinical trials consultant
  • Opening an NGO later in life is also a good option, as you know in and out of various health programs.
  • Work at an administrative post in Hospitals

The big advantage: 

  • Work hours are limited to the day. No night calls or late night duties. 
  • It is a comparatively fresh branch and there is new data every day you need to keep yourself updated. 
  • Involves extensive use of computer softwares and data management
  • Involves an understanding in Research and data analysis. 
  • A PSM doctor needs to have knowledge of subjects like pathology, microbiology, medicine, paediatrics, OBG etc. This helps you in approaching the patient more holistically and treating the patient than the disease, treating the cause than the symptoms, nurturing the roots than the stem. 

The other side: 

1. It could be difficult to explain to the layman what specialisation you’ve done
2. Involves teaching and requires good communication skills.
3. You might have to do extensive travelling and field jobs

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    Sir how to join in who ?I m interested in SPM as a pg one .

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