Pathology as a career choice- Dr. Ila Jain Khandelwal

Heartiest congratulations to all the students who were able to crack the NEET exam. Since the time of the results, I have been getting a lot of queries regarding the pros and cons of Pathology as a branch, and the scope of this speciality. Here, I will explain what is Pathology and what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking up pathology as a speciality.

What is Pathology?
Pathology is a core branch in medicine. It deals with the understanding of how does disease occur and how bad would be the outcome from it. 

Is Pathology right for you?
Here is a checklist for you to keep in mind while thinking of pathology as a career option:

  • Would it be fine for you to sit back for hours under the microscope and find out the diagnosis? 
  • How important is patient interaction and examination to you? Being a Pathologist, the stethoscope is not your friend anymore, rather it’s the microscope. 
  • Would you like a well planned day at work with almost fixed hours or a more adventurous one with continuous patient interaction and even night calls?

Scope/ Options after doing MD/DNB Pathology

  1. Open your own diagnostic lab. You can also open a highly specialized lab like immunology, or oncology which is going to be in high demand in future due to the rise in cancer.
  2. Get associated in a medical college.
  3. Work in a pathology lab either part-time or full time
  4. You can also do a fellowship/ DM in oncopathology, cytology, molecular genetics etc.

So, if you are the kind who would not mind sitting for long hours under the microscope, working silently behind the main scenes in a hospital or if you would like a much more balanced life, go for PATHOLOGY. It has been aptly said: “Without laboratories, men of science are soldiers without arms.”

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