NEET PG 2020, Rank 4 – An Interview with Dr. Shobhit Garg.

1. Congratulations Dr. Shobhit! Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

A. Hello, I am Shobhit Garg, currently doing my internship from King George’s Medical University Lucknow. Apart from reading, I like to play badminton and swimming. Also in free time, I like to play video games to relieve stress!!

2. How did you go about clearing NEET PG in your internship? How did you plan your day? What time management strategies did you use?

A. I started preparing seriously in the month of April. I used to read for around 6-8 hours a day initially, then progressed to 10-12 hours in the latter half of the preparation. I used to start at 10 AM in the morning, studied for around an hour then took a short 10-minute tea break…apart from 45-minute breaks for lunch and dinner each

3. What was your primary source of preparation for NEET PG?

A. I used the Marrow Qbank along with the notes from another source. This helped me to complete the notes required for revision. 

4. How many questions do you think could be easily solved just by using Marrow, and the QBank?

A. I think around 75-80 percent questions could be solved if one diligently did the Qbank and read the explanations properly.

5. How did you use Qbank in your daily prep?

A. Marrow Qbank was a big boost to my preparation as I could add the relevant information which was not in my notes through the Qbank which helped me to complete the notes.

6. Who is your favourite teacher, and what do you like about them?

A. I could connect with the teachers only through the Qbank and through the Marrow group on FB. Based on that Rohan Khandelwal Sir was a constant motivation and also the Surgery Qbank was complete in itself.

7. How do you expect Marrow to be next year?

A. In Marrow, all the respected teachers and the editors behind the QBank put in a lot of hard work and research for giving the best to their students. And with Edition 4 coming, it surely has all the elements for continuing to be a great source for PG exam preparation!

8. How many MCQ’s would you solve per day? How would you plan your modules, and test solving schedule?

He solved 722 modules, with an average of 5-6 per day.

A. I solved the Qbank according to the subject I was reading and allotted a fixed number of days to each subject. On average, I used to solve around 5-6 modules everyday. After completing a subject I used to give a subject wise test which helped me to asses my understanding of the subject.

9. How did you perform in the Marrow GT’s and how did you increase your performance? What strategy did you employ for improving your scores/performance throughout the year?

A. The first Grand test I gave was GT 5 which I found relatively tough but I got 75 rank (predicted) out of 36927 students. After that, I gave GT 7 and 8 in which I got 80 and 57 rank, respectively. Lastly, I gave the National NEET PG mock in which I got 38 rank. I used to review the GTs and assess in which subject I was lagging behind and used to focus on that more which helped me immensely in the revision phase!!

10. What was your analysis graph like? Initially, and in the end?

A. Initially, as the tests were bit tough I was scoring around 57-60 percent marks which improved to 71 percent in GT 7 and 8 and finally I could get 74 percent in the National NEET PG mock. Overall Biochem was my strongest subject in the tests while psychiatry was weakest.

11. What was your National NEET PG mock rank and how did you focus on improving it to attain Rank 4?

A. I got 38 rank in the national NEET PG mock which gave me a relief that I was on the right track. After that, in the last 15 days I gave more importance in revising those subjects in which I had some doubts based on reviewing the National NEET PG mock, so that was very helpful.

12. How many modules have you solved overall in Marrow?

A. In total, I solved 722 modules.

13. Any study tips you would like to share with our users? Any specific strategies to plan the modules and get the best from them?

A. I recommend first reading the handwritten notes exhaustively and then annotating the notes with the Marrow Qbank. In my first reading, I did the Qbank topic wise according to the topic I was reading, then after completing my notes I did the custom modules and the tests in which I included all the subjects to simulate the real examination. This was the strategy that worked for me!!!

14. What was special about your relationship with Marrow?

A. Marrow has been a constant partner for me throughout the last year during my preparation. All the teachers and editors put in a lot of effort in preparing the Qbank which I found to be extremely helpful for my NEET PG preparation. I look forward to continuing this relationship for the upcoming exams!!!

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