Marrow National NEET-PG Mock 2024 – New Pattern

With the recent update to the NEET-PG exam pattern, the Marrow National NEET-PG Mock will now follow the new structure.

Please Note: Marrow National NEET-PG Mock 2024 is live from May 29th – June 5th.

Updated Format for Marrow National Mock:

  • The test will be divided into five time-bound sections.
  • Each section will have 40 questions and 42 minutes of allotted time.
  • Each section will be available for viewing and answering during its allotted 42-minute window only
  • Once the time for a particular section expires, it will automatically switch to the next section

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who can take the Marrow National NEET-PG Mock?
The Marrow National NEET-PG mock is open to all Marrow users. This test is free for all.

2. Can I switch between different sections of the exam during the 42-minute time frame?
No, you can only access and answer questions within the part shown to you.

3. Is there a specific time limit for each section of the test?
Yes, each section has a 42-minute time limit. After the end of 42 minutes, the section auto-submits and moves to the subsequent part.

4. Can I change my device or open a new browser during the exam?
No, you must start and complete the exam in one session on the same device. In case you change your device or open a new browser, you will lose your progress.


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  1. Jyoti Puware says:

    Nice mock test pattern

  2. Deepti says:

    Till when it’s live

  3. Deepti says:

    Till when it is live?????

  4. Dr Chetan says:

    Excellent ideas

  5. Monisa says:

    Nice try

  6. Prerana says:

    Can I give the test
    I am plan c marrow user

  7. Amrita kumari says:

    Best mock test

  8. Deekshith says:


  9. HARITHA says:


  10. Sameer yadav says:


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