#WRWU Marrowthon | From July 1st – 15th

Dear Student,

Announcing #WRWU Marrowthon to help you continue your momentum in light of the NEET-PG ’24 postponement. The Marrowthon will be live from July 1st – 15th and is open to NEET-PG students.

How to Participate in the Marrowthon?

● To participate in the Marrowthon, all you need to do is solve at least 3 QBank modules a day, continuously from July 1st – July 15th (both days included). 

● Complete the modules before 11:59 PM every day for the modules to be calculated as part of the streak on that particular day. eg: A module completed on July 10 by 11:59 PM will be counted for July 10. However, if it is completed post 11:59 PM, it will be counted for the next day (July 11).

Please Note: Only subject modules (all 19 subjects) and previous years’ question papers are counted for Marrowthon. Custom Modules will not be counted.

What is the purpose of the Marrowthon?

You have come so far in your preparation. The aim of this Marrowthon is to make sure you stay on track in the remaining days until the examination. To help you remain consistent and focused on what really matters. Remember, we are with you!

“I made sure that I solved 3 to 4 QBank modules every day and Marrowthon was a great motivation to complete my targeted Question Banks” – Dr. Manasvi, Rank 10, INI-CET, May ’24

“Marrow QBank is the best QBank out there which I used as a learning and revising tool. QBank covers standard books through all the modules. So If you basically finish that, you are done with the subject” – Dr. Devesh, Rank 2, INI-CET, May ’24


28 Responses

  1. Sujith ak says:

    Good approch

  2. Dr VARIJW B M says:


  3. Dr sooman says:

    Good way to restart

  4. Manasa says:

    I will make sure to complete the target

  5. Prajwal Angad Kharsade says:

    Good for consistency

  6. Debsankar says:

    Nice initiative

  7. Adrija Lala says:

    Most needed

  8. Adyasha says:

    Ohk i ll

  9. Shyam Kumar says:

    I’m ready to do marathon

  10. Dr.p.sathana says:

    Thank you

  11. Charlie chandrakar says:

    That’s great

  12. Rushi says:

    I will do

  13. Vibhash Kumar says:


  14. Sunil kumar says:

    Thanks to marrow,

  15. Santosh says:


  16. Dr swajana says:

    Great step

  17. A. Khadgi says:


  18. Dr. Devkumar Sahu says:

    Half of the target will be achieved, once you started 🐣

  19. Shreya says:

    Yes this perfect for restart our final phase for Neet PG 2024

  20. ASHISH bodele says:

    Nice started

  21. Pavani says:

    With each day of marrowthon getting more motivated to solve more modules

  22. Booster to reach the target and motivational journey.

  23. Priyal says:

    Thanks to marrow !!

  24. Shreya says:

    Thanks marrow for the kick everyday. I don’t sleep without doing Q bank, its a necessary thing now!

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