Marrow Edition 8 – Video Release Schedule

We are excited to announce that Marrow Edition 8 is now live on your app. Please note that all Edition 8 videos will be live in the app, over the next 10 days. See the video publishing schedule below:

Please note: If you can’t access Edition 8, please update the Marrow app to the latest version and then go to Menu > Your Course > Edition 8. If the issue persists, try logging out and logging in again.


11 Responses

  1. sweatha says:

    really good work

  2. Bijeta Biswas says:

    Very nice

  3. Amar das says:

    Finally a new experience and more of clinical videos.Great work by all faculties.

  4. Ghanshyam ladhava says:

    Fabulous work with extra clinical correlation

  5. Fazal Afzal says:

    This edition is absolutely amazing, i lv it 😍

  6. Dr bhuvana says:


  7. Abdul Basith says:

    Put your heart in it ❤️

  8. Dr. BM says:

    So excited…. thanks Marrow

  9. Sourav Hazra says:

    More clinically oriented edition

  10. Vineet says:

    Nice module

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