GT graphs of NEET PG 2022 Top 10 rankers

Marrow Grand tests help, monitor your preparation and know where you stand in the real competition. After each GT, when the results are out, you will be navigated to the “Analytics”, which helps you, track your overall progress, identify your strong & weak subjects, and compare your performance in the test with peers

Please find the GT graphs of the NEET PG 2022 Top 10 rankers:

Rank 1 NEET PG ’22, Dr Shagun Batra

Watch how she identified her strengths and weaknesses using Marrow GTs

Rank 2 NEET PG ’22, Dr Joseph Johnson

Watch how Marrow GTs helped him identify his weak subjects

Rank 3 NEET PG ’22, Dr Harshita

Watch how she utilised the Marrow GTs to keep a check on her progress

Rank 4 NEET PG ’22, Swaroop

Watch Dr Swaroop’s GT strategy of comparing his performance with his peers

Rank 5 NEET PG ’22, Dr Nehar

Watch Dr Nehar keeping a check on his weak areas with the help of Marrow GTs

Rank 6 NEET PG ’22, Dr Tanishq

Watch Dr Tanishq sharing, how Marrow GTs prepared him to face the Main exam

Rank 7 NEET PG ’22, Dr Nisarg

Watch how Dr Nisarg’s learnings helped him know his level of preparation 

Rank 8 NEET PG ’22, Dr Armaan

Watch Dr Armaan saying how his GT scores eventually peaked

Rank 9 NEET PG ’22, Dr Sushant

Watch – Dr Sushant’s Marrow GTs shifted his focus to pharmacology and Biochem

Rank 10 NEET PG ’22, Dr Nibraz

Watch – Dr Nibraz says he Attempted all Marrow GTs despite his preparation level

We hope this encourages you to utilise your GT analytics efficiently to improve your Rank over time with consistency. All serious students take Marrow GTs seriously!

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