Cracked FMGE 2019 in First Attempt – An Interview with Dr.Riju James

The Marrow team is proud of Dr.Riju James who cracked FMGE 2019 in his first attempt after acing a score of 198.

Dr. Riju James

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Dr. Riju James and I am from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. I am from Harbin Medical University and cleared the FMGE on my first attempt.

2) Do you think Marrow helped with your FMGE preparation?
Yes, initially I was doubtful since I knew Marrow is mainly for NEET-PG. But after my results, I am completely sure that it is a great resource for FMGE. It was my only true resource to learn the subject and I am very grateful I had it along my journey. The passing rate of FMGE is very less and I am happy I chose Marrow. Since my FMGE prep was from Marrow and I have covered most of the content, I also feel more confident to tackle the NEET-PG next year.

3) How did you find out about Marrow?
My friend recommended Marrow to me. He has given the NEET-PG 2020 this year and has been a Marrow Pro User. He has consistently scored Rank 2 in Marrow GTs and he was the one who pushed me towards it.

4) How did you use Marrow for your preparation?
I was a Plan C user. I did not use GTs before my FMGE, but I used only the videos and Q-bank for my preparation. During my semester, I studied the subjects according to the order that they were being taught in. During my internship, I was short of time, so I used Marrow according to my schedule. When I had more time on my hand, I read the main subjects. During major postings, I concentrated on short subjects. I watched the videos first and then solved the Q-Bank for that topic before going to the next topic. Until June, I studied my own notes. Later on, I bought the Marrow Edition 3.0 notes, because I did not have time to make my own. This strategy worked great for me.

5) When you started preparing with Marrow?
I subscribed for marrow in my final year of medical school, just before my Internship for one year.

6) Which feature do you like the most about Marrow?
Videos are the best feature of Marrow. It made my concepts stronger and I am thankful to all the faculty of Marrow, who did a wonderful job, without which I would not have been able to clear my FMGE.

7) Who was your favourite faculty of Marrow?
Everyone did a wonderful job and I want to thank all of them individually, but Dr. Mohan Sunil Kumar did a great job with the Psychiatry module. Before watching his videos, I did not have an idea about the specialty I want to pursue after my medical school. But, after watching the Psychiatry videos, I have decided to aim for the NIMHANS entrance examination with Marrow to guide me along the way.

8) Do you have any Indian colleagues in medical school?
Yes and I am already recommending Marrow to all of my juniors like my friend recommended it to me.

9) It is a great and rare achievement to clear FMGE on your first attempt. Congratulations! We are sure you will clear NEET-PG in your first attempt.
I really hope and pray that I can do it. Marrow is a cool app and I am sure it will help me on my journey. I am so grateful that I found Marrow. I and my friends I discussed within ourselves before making a decision. We compared it with other apps and found it to be the most error-proof. That is the reason I chose it.

We would like to congratulate Dr.Riju James for his achievement and wish the very best for his future endeavours!

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  1. Divya says:

    Is marrow same for fmge and neet pg??? Thought I am a 3rd fmge student. I want to start for neet pg preparation ??

    • Chaitanya says:

      Did you say your brother was scoring rank 2 in GTs? Now i am more interested in your brother’s journey. Hope Marrow will post that on the blog.

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