Marrow had a strike rate >240 only from QBank & Tests in NEET PG ’19: Screenshots

We had a strike rate >240 in NEET PG ’19 only from Marrow QBank & Tests, and much more when videos are included!

Please find the split-up of repeat questions from Marrow in NEET PG 2019:

Total: 247
QBank and Pearls: 171
Tests: 51

From Marrow National NEET-PG Mock, 2019 – 7 (Woohoo!)
From Marrow’s Nine Test Series – 27
From Image-Based Grand Test – 4

It might be controversial – But this is no accident. This is an outcome of meticulously planned and scientifically curated Question Bank with the support of 40+ specialists and faculty. Those who are Marrow Pro users for 2019, take note of this. Do not lose focus, keep solving!

We have collated the screenshots of all the repeat questions here for you to recall:

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29 Responses

  1. Agnel xavier says:

    Hello marrow ,
    I recently subscribed plan c at that time it was 27000 for 6 months .. and now u had extended the period … Is there any chance of getting extended period in my subscription … please make it possible … because in edition 3 update there are lot of videos which we cannot cover by 6 months period. … kindly please try to extend our period for free

    • Shilpa says:

      Send an email to the Marrow team. They will let you know if it’s possible or not. There is a possibility that they may not see this comment.

  2. Braham teerth says:


  3. Umme Romaan says:


  4. Raj gawai says:

    I think it is not true.

  5. Yasmeen Shah says:

    Please share whole list of questions

  6. Dr SI says:

    The claim is true. I did only QBank & without any other materials. Of course I made notes from QBank. A lot of MCQs were directly from it. Thanks Marrow.


    Hw to check all the screenshots..I am a pro user plan C

  8. Awesome. I know it’s true

  9. nope says:

    I have 200 question correct… if i have chamce of selection… plz tell e kr i should purchase again marrow and continue for neet 2020

  10. Preeti Yadav says:

    Wow ,marrow Rocks

  11. Sana Nawed says:

    Marrow made things so easy.In the last few months I could only solve marrow mcqs and grand tests and I am happy I did that😊

  12. Supinder Singh says:

    I want to go for MARROW

  13. Neeshu says:

    Reattempt of test possible?

  14. Raju says:

    Is it true or just bluffing??

  15. Good medico says:

    Plz reply . How much rank will someone with 700 marks get this time?

  16. Abinaya Velu says:

    Yeah.. i never deny that marrow plays a significant role in my performance in NEETPG2019.. Thanks to the team..

  17. PAJESH JP says:

    Is there a way to view the other questions? I’m a pro user

  18. Anamd says:

    Marrow only marrow

  19. Gajraj Singh chaudhary says:

    Excellent ….my plan c can I extend my plan..reply

  20. Hammaad Jaafar says:

    I donot think this is a great achievement.
    If you look at the explanation of the MCQ’s you will find that compiled together they are a book in themselves for each subject. They are not precise nor concise and to remember them from their is a big hurdle.
    And Marrow is not claiming the strike rate for questions, it is comparing the strike rate with questions as well as their explanations.
    If the said strike rate would have been fir questions only then it would have been an achievement.
    They also do not give their strike rate for the videos they have which for a Plan C user is the base of source for his preparation. While solving the questions after watching the video, so many questions seemed new as they were completely untouched in the videos.

  21. Dr Nisha nirmalraj says:

    How to view other questions? I am a pro user

  22. Kk says:

    Hlw in test series block u put mock test including aiims & jipmer mins isnt there is mock test of neet pg?

  23. Dev says:

    Is there anyone got good rank by using only marrow qbank?

  24. krishnan says:

    marrow 3.0 is a breakthrough in the medical education

  25. Shubham Singh says:

    How many questions are in 2019 neet pg exam as it is marrow question bank

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