206/300 in FMGE 2021 – the story of Dr. Milind Naik

Scoring 206 in FMGE’21, Dr Milind C Naik (Marrow Plan C User) talks about how he cleared FMGE in his first attempt using Marrow as his primary source.

My Primary source for FMGE preparations was Marrow, solely. I came across Marrow quite late during my internship in Philippines. I wish i had joined earlier during my Medicine proper since it would have given me a good amount of thrust to prepare.
I did not have a predefined strategy on how to prepare. I mostly followed the guidance of faculties like Dr. Abbas Ali, Dr. Rohan Khandelwal on how to prepare for competitive exams like FMGE and NEET PG. The importance of revision, solving MCQs and Grand Test was stressed by them multiple times.

I did not appear in FMGE before this session. However, I did apply for the Dec – 2020 session but was unable to appear as I suffered from Covid at that time. I started investing my time completely for FMGE just after I completed my graduation from the University of Northern Philippines. But I would like to add that, preparation for FMGE starts right from the first year itself. The concepts should be built right from day one.

The special thing about Marrow videos is that it focuses on framing concepts on a particular topic, which makes it easier to understand the concept rather than mugging it up. Understanding the rationale helps to retain that information for years.

I had purchased the printed notes from Marrow and whatever important I could add to that I would write it down in the space provided in the notes. Whatever video or topics I completed, I would solve the Qbank of that. It helps you understand how questions can be framed from such topics. My strategy for revision was guided by Dr. Abbas Ali who said in his webinar to allot 40% of the total days for revision of all the subjects. Revision is the real gem in scoring good marks because whatever you learn should be retained and should produce good output in the exam hall. For revision, I used to read important points I had highlighted in the Notes.

I had also watched the Revision Videos and Image discussion Videos. They were really beneficial as a lot of questions these days are image based.

The FMG Webinars conducted were very important and high yield. You can expect direct questions from them especially for Surgery, Pathology and OBG.

My favourite faculty in Marrow is Dr. Rohan Khandelwal, backed by 2 reasons. The first being the fact that he is teaching Surgery, which is the branch I aspire to join. And secondly, the way he taught the subject. One word – AWESOME.

Looking back, I can say there would be nothing that I think I should have done differently except the fact that I should be been less anxious and stressed. Stressing about exam does nothing good for the score. To handle the stress and anxiety is very important, especially when the exam is getting near. I personally love music and it helped me getaway from stress.

At last, I would like to tell the upcoming FMGE aspirants, not to believe the rumours you get about the exam from your surroundings or even your seniors. Lot of students have cleared it, so can you. Only thing that matters is to systematically prepare for the exam rather than blindly doing anything.

Thank You & All the very Best !!!


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