An Interview with Dr. Robinsan Thiyam – FMGE Hero

The Marrow team is proud of Dr. Robinsan Thiyam who cracked FMGE 2019 with Marrow.

Dr. Robinsan Thiyam

1) Congratulations on your achievement! We are happy to get in touch with you. Tell us more about yourself.
Thank you for calling me. It is a pleasure talking to the Marrow team. I am Dr.Robinsan from Manipur. I am a graduate of Belgorod State University, Russia.

2) What was your primary source for FMGE preparation?
Marrow. I tried face-to-face classes, but half the portion was not completed. I tried to study from books. But even that did not help me. Then, I found Marrow.

3) How did you find out about Marrow?
I read about it on Quora about how Marrow is helpful for NEET-PG and FMGE. I thought I could try it out since it would be like killing two birds with one stone- NEET-PG and FMGE. I asked my seniors, just to be sure and even they recommended it to me.  Now , I am continuing to use Marrow for my NEET-PG preparation. 

4) Do you think Marrow helped with your FMGE preparation?
Yes, definitely. Nowadays, a lot of DNB and NEET-PG pattern MCQs are being asked even in FMGE. It is tough for us to answer such clinical questions because the resources and exposure available to us in foreign universities is less to prepare for these exams. This year alone, around 40Qs came from ObGyn and a lot of other questions were of a clinical pattern too. The Marrow videos helped me to learn about such topics and also answer such questions.

5) When did you start preparing with Marrow?
I started using Marrow after my graduation. I had given 2 more attempts at FMGE. Marrow helped me clear it in this attempt. This time around, I used the videos to make my foundation strong and solved as many MCQs as possible. Soon after I found out that I have cleared the exam, I put up the thank-you post on Facebook. I felt good.

6) Would you recommend Marrow to your juniors? 
After I passed my FMGE and thanked Marrow on Facebook, many juniors reached out to me for advice. I was happy and confident to recommend Marrow to them. I understand how desperate the foreign medical graduates are to clear the MCI exam that has a very low pass rate. So, I was more than happy to talk to them about how much the videos and the Q-Bank helped me and the study strategy I used.

7) What was your study strategy for FMGE using Marrow?
I concentrated on revision this time. The custom modules helped me a lot for this. I also used the bookmarks feature for better revision. I made a timetable with targets for different subjects. I used to watch the videos and then solve the MCQs topic-wise. I made my own notes since our own handwriting always helps to revise faster. I will be continuing to do the same even during my internship here in India while preparing for NEET-PG. 

8) Which feature do you like the most about Marrow?
Lectures were the best, no doubt. It helped me to get a hang of all the basic concepts and also understand the MCQs. I could even get the image based questions right because of Marrow. There was also a live discussion on YouTube a few days before my exam, which helped me tremendously. 

9) Who was your favourite faculty of Marrow?
My favourite was Dr.Sakshi Arora, ObGyn and Dr. Mukhmohit Singh, Community Medicine. Their way of teaching suited my learning style the most. I had not even started my community medicine preparation back in Russia because I was told that it was hard to remember and many advised me not to waste time on it while preparing for FMGE. But I am glad I did not heed to such advice because I got many community-medicine related questions right on my exam. 

We would like to congratulate Dr. Robinsan Thiyam for his achievement and wish the very best for his future endeavours!

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