Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Marrow Pro user. Do I have to purchase Edition 8 again?
If you are an existing Marrow Pro user, you will automatically have access to Marrow Edition 8 content depending on your plan. You don't have to purchase it again.
I am preparing for NEET-PG 2024 using E6.5. Should I switch to the new edition?
No. If you are preparing for NEET-PG 2024 using Edition 6.5 or 5, we strongly recommend you to continue using the same. This edition is only for those who are starting their preparation fresh.
Will I be automatically upgraded to Edition 8?
Yes! You will be automatically upgraded to Marrow Edition 8 if you have an active Pro plan.
How do I switch to Edition 8?
To switch to Marrow Edition 8, go to Menu > Your Course and select Edition 8. You can always go back to Edition 6.5.
Will I lose my QBank progress if I switch to Edition 8?
No, all your QBank progress and bookmarks will remain intact.
Where are the E6.5 videos? Is my progress saved?
Your progress in E6.5 videos will be saved, including downloaded videos. You can still access E6.5 videos by going to Menu > Your Course > Edition 6.5.
There are some videos which are marked ‘coming soon’. When will we get these videos?
The videos go through a strict quality check both from the internal team and the faculty, to make sure you get the latest updates as well as exam-relevant content. We will update the remaining Edition 8 videos as and when they are ready.
I can’t switch to Edition 8. What should I do?
Please update to the latest version of the app and then go to Menu > Your Course > Edition 8. If you are still experiencing an issue please log out and log in again.
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Please check the Marrow FAQs here.
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