GT Schedule | April – June 2024

Marrow National NEET-PG Mock 2024 will be live from May 29 – June 5. This exam will be FREE for all Marrow users. We also have a series of Grand Tests leading up to the National NEET-PG Mock to help you take critical steps in your preparation.

Schedule for the upcoming Grand Tests:

Date Test Pro/Free
April 24 – April 29Grand Test 19Pro
May 15 – May 20Grand Test 20Pro
May 29 – June 05National NEET-PG Mock ExamFREE

“Grand tests simulate real exams and enhance my understanding of how to apply the concepts I’ve learned”Dr Aarushi (Rank 1, NEET-PG 2023)

Why is it important to take these tests?
Taking these practice tests helps you adapt to exam conditions, reducing surprises on the actual day. Over 1 lakh people in India take these practice tests, which can help you assess your competition level and get ready for the actual exam. These tests are like simulations of the real exam, so taking them is highly recommended.

Where can I take the tests?
While you can take the test on the Marrow app, for an experience closest to the actual exam setting, using a laptop/desktop is recommended.

Who can take the Marrow National NEET-PG Mock Exam?
The Marrow National NEET-PG mock exam is open to all Marrow users. This test is free for all.

Can we give the test after the results are out?
While you can take the test anytime, for the most accurate predicted rank, it’s recommended to participate when the test is live.

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