Things to know about Intern Mode

What is Intern Mode? 

  1. It’s a new mode inside Plan C (So this is not a new plan. All Plan C users can activate it). 
  2. Suited for those who are short of time 
  3. Intern Mode has 525 hours of videos (compared to 700+ hours in regular mode).
  4. Some video modules are replaced with QBank modules. These videos are unimportant or simple topics that do not need video teaching.  
  5. If you watch in 1.5 x speed you can easily finish this in 100 days
    (watch for approx 4-5 hours per day). 

Is this a revision tool?

No. Revision videos are pretty much useless as you will only get very less content from those. These will not help you qualify, leave alone get a rank. This is the same Marrow videos + some videos replaced with QBank modules.

How many hours are there in Intern Mode?

Intern Mode has 525 hours of videos and around 7000 MCQs. 

Will Intern Mode have new videos?

No. There won’t be any new videos. With Intern Mode what we have done is:

  1. We selected the videos with simple concepts & which are not very high-yield and replaced them with QBank Modules.
  2. We added additional concepts and points to these QBank modules, so that nothing is missed.
  3. Now you are left with only the videos which have concepts that need explanation by the faculty, and also the super high-yield topics.

This is a mode that helps you use the existing content more efficiently if you are short of time.

We believe that relying on a set of new videos alone for revision is meaningless.

Who should use Marrow in Intern Mode?

Intern Mode is recommended only for those who are genuinely short of time, like interns and those who are working full time, with at least 4 hours to spare in a day for study.

Everyone else should follow the standard mode. Those who are preparing full time should never use Intern Mode.

How do I activate Intern Mode?

Make sure that your app is updated to the latest version. Go to the App Store or the Play Store to confirm.

Step 1: Open the Marrow app and tap on the videos tab.

Step 2: You will find intern mode on the top header.

Step 3: Tap on the toggle button to activate.

You can switch back to normal mode any time!

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104 Responses

  1. Dr. Sayantika says:

    I m marrow pro user. In this pandemic situation it’s very tough to find time for study.. As i m working in COVID screening ward. Today also my intern mode has not started yet. What to do to get intern mode?

    • AKSHAY S says:

      Have you updated from playstore if not do it from playstore

    • Dr. Angarag says:

      Please update the marrow app
      If it doesn’t work still then just uninstall and reinstall your app
      Be rest assured all your app data will be secure

  2. Niloy Kr biswas says:

    I need study 741160

  3. My district green zone.. From up… Please send to me my marrow notes.. Please send me urgently

  4. My district green zone.. From up… Please send to me my marrow notes.. Please send me urgently code..
    224122or 224190

    • Dr.dinesh Singh says:

      I’m uncomfortable with digital notes…that’s why I purchase marrow hand notes…but these are getting to late to reach me
      I’m from district shivpuri in mp
      it is in green zone…please send me notes as lockdown not seem to be open n deliveries are open ….before these facility are to be closed by govt …do needful …..thank you

  5. Dr.rishi Pratap Singh says:

    My district is prayagraj , i have booked marrow notes 1week before lockdown begin , kindly send early , its urgent plz

  6. Dr Ankit Gupta says:

    My district Dhanbad in Jharkhand is in orange zone 826001. Please schedule the delivery of notes. Thanks

  7. Dr. Ananya Hazra says:

    There option of intern mode is not showing in the app even after I have updated it.

    • Mrudu says:

      I was having same issue. .I updated marrow n wrote an email to marrow team after which my intern mode got activated

  8. Samyak Jain says:

    Not able to find this in iPad version of app. Kindly update.

  9. Dr Abhishek Raj says:

    I m a pro user and use i pad for marrow my intern mode not started yet..and I checked not any update available on store..what to do to get intern mode..?

    • Bhakti Mahata says:

      At first log out then log in.I have solved the problem In this way as it happened to me also

    • asha says:

      can we study only the videos which are in the intern mode ? and what if we leave those optional videos without studying . because its taking too much time to study this high yeild videos

  10. Al fahad s says:

    I m a plan c user and I’m not getting the intern mode.i have updated the app today only

  11. Ravindranath says:

    I need notes at pincode 425412

  12. Nishtha says:

    Is this not for iOS users?

  13. Parul Mahala says:

    Please send me the notes as sson as possible .

  14. Neethu Madhusoodanan says:

    I am a plan c user I am not getting any update in App Store

  15. Deepthi says:

    I am marrow plan C user ..but I am not getting interns mode…please help me out

  16. Darshan says:

    Individual subjects duration??in intern mode

  17. Pankaj Kumar Bhol says:

    Team marrow plan c user may be allowed to view videos on laptop as everyone is having a ipad.
    In a mobile view also facing difficulty in repeated pause and resume while making a note of the topic.
    Team may find out some way out to facilitate the students as i m expecting to continue video at laptop mode so that start and stop will be easy and view will be better also will decrease my load on my eyes…
    Thank you.
    DrPankaj Kumar Bhol

  18. Neethu s das says:

    My videos page doesn’t show an intern mode option.. what should I do?

  19. Naveen says:

    Update unavailable for ipad

  20. Vishal Chaudhary says:

    I am an intern.. and my que are following..
    1. do I need need to read through the notes of the videos that are replaced with the q bank??
    2. Please give some info about revision stretagy after completing this video and q banks of intern mode especially….

  21. Dr Abhishek says:

    Helo team marrow. I am working as a doctor in govt. Hospital.. 6hr/day..
    Which mode should i opt. According to u..
    I am plan c user.

  22. Please send me the notes ,this is affecting my preparation, please do something regard this.

  23. Sumit says:

    Plzz increase download limit as in j and k we don’t have 4g net…..sometimes we get WiFi so we want to keep the stock for coming days….atleast make it 20 videos

  24. Manu says:

    Is there any offer for non plan C user?

  25. AKanksha says:

    Please I need my notes
    I want to run through them …. studying from web pages is not easy

  26. Rajesh says:

    I m plan B user…
    Please make more imp module in plan B too… It ‘ll be very useful for us too

  27. Abhijeet says:

    No update for iPad OS?

  28. Gaurav says:

    orange zone. pin:395006
    Plan c user

  29. Vineetha says:

    If I change it intern mode can I change back to normal mode again if I want?

  30. PRATIBHA Singh says:

    Intern Mode not working in iPad

  31. NAVDEEP says:

    Please send notes from Shahjahanpur UP
    Pin code 242001

  32. Santhosh says:

    I am plan b user , can’t change the intern mode in my iPad…

  33. lalit sharma says:

    my question is, if i prepare with this intern mode;would be i able to get rank under 2k??

  34. Nikitha says:

    Please send me part B marrow books

  35. Abhishek says:

    Is intern mode enough to get through ?

  36. Rahulbhai bhovanbhai parmar says:

    I want my marrow notes in surendranagar district

  37. Sindhuja Ramachandran says:

    I have ordered an notes one month back …kindly please send me the will be very helpful if I watch vedio with the notes..pincode 608602

  38. Aravind says:

    I need marrow notes at pincode 583103 please send them fastly

  39. Payal says:

    I need marrow notes…i have ordered it many days back but it is yet not dispatched…kindly send it soon…pin 854301

  40. Rishi says:

    This is amazing guys thank you ! 🍻🍻🤙

  41. Dr.sumit says:

    Pls sir …. delivery notes in my area
    My area is orange zone my area pin code : 431517

  42. Dr.Harith says:

    If I active intern mode and realize that I don’t like it and want the std mode back , can we switch back to std??

  43. Dr. Aanchal parashar says:

    Please send My 2nd set of notes….. ASAP we are facing problem…

  44. Susruta says:

    Once if we switch on to intern mode can’t we get back to the standard mode if v want?

  45. Kunal says:

    Intern mode showing same MCQ modules for same topics over and over again …

  46. Mohan Kadirmangalam says:

    Please create a suggested “per day” number of topics and subdivide them accordingly in the intern mode

    Also please add the ability to switch In and out of intern mode within in subject so we don’t have to keep going to the main menu and it will be easier to compare when assessing

  47. Sonali says:

    I have ordered for marrow complete notes in march ,still not got the second set ,I am from rishikesh.

  48. Sonali says:

    Mi pin code is 249201,in orange zone,

  49. Dr monika says:

    What about pin code 313001

  50. Nisha Maurya says:

    Please sir delivered the note in my area
    Pin 273013

  51. Aamez says:

    732140 from Tulshihata..Malda..WB please send my notes as soon as possible..I’m very much uncomfortable with digital notes

  52. Sushant bhardwaj says:

    Sir i have plan c but my intern mode is not working kindly help.

  53. Mukul Acharya says:

    I am c plan user can ue confirm when the notes will be delivered 🙏🏻

  54. Dr. Priyanka says:

    Hai @ to the marrow team !!
    I guess I shouldn’t be asking this after looking at the chaos that’s been happening.. People who have ordered already seem to suffer wondering when & hoping for quicker delivery…. Sir, I’ve checked the pin code list & as per the list delivery to my area seems possible… I would like to place an order now but before which I wud like to know how late can I expect both the sets. And, iff poss can I get all the texts in a single delivery at once coz I’m randomly switching bw subj’s…

  55. Vrushali says:

    the intern mode is not being turned off…

  56. Sehizveer singh says:

    Sir when I am going to receive my notes now delivery services are activated already in my area with pincode 144207

  57. Hello sir i am plan C user but not able to Activate Intern Mode …….. I Update my App but still no intern Mode …..

    • Team Marrow says:

      Hey Rupinderpal,
      Try re-installing the app and follow the steps:
      Step 1: Open the Marrow app and tap on the videos tab.
      Step 2: You will find intern mode on the top header.
      Step 3: Tap on the toggle button to activate.

  58. Vinita meena says:

    Vinita meena im from orange zone pincode322241

  59. Vrushali says:

    sir its not going back to normal mode… but the original videos and intern mode is available on the same screen

  60. Kiran katkar says:

    Please send me marrow notes set 2 in sangli

  61. Shivani says:

    Once the intern mode is activated it is not going back to normal again.

  62. Akshata says:

    The intern mode ..once turned off it’s not getting back to normal mode .

  63. Mandira Ghosh says:

    Sir I am plan c user but not able to activate intern mode.I have updated the app still there is no intern mode

  64. Dr. SOURAV MOHANTY says:

    Intern mode not working in my mi note 4

  65. Jinendra Kumar Meena says:

    Sir I am planC user please send me marrow edition 4 notes

  66. Abhishek I Subbapurma says:

    Sir I am not able to apply referral code to 12 months pack

  67. Sal says:

    Sir please send my updates on notes..
    My pin code is 689645, kerala.i’m a plan c user..

  68. Anindyaa says:

    I download the greatest version of Marrow app. I am using Plan C. Intern mode is showing at top of the video classes. But it is not activating. How will I get activate intern mode???

  69. Shah tufail says:

    Can intern mode be kept seperately for only forselected subjects..

  70. Dr. Vinika bhagat says:

    On my wall taggle button was not present

  71. Aarthi says:

    Already am plan b user paid till april can i activate intern mode alone

  72. Nupur Katore says:

    pls see to it tht the notes are delivered on code is 422101.

  73. My pin code is 332403 ranoli,district sikar ,rajasthan

  74. Sarikaa L says:

    Hello there!

    I’ve ordered for my Edition 4 notes on the 12th of May. Also, my pin code comes under the accessible ones from the list.

    I had received a mail which had a tracking ID that supposedly tells me the details of my shipment.
    Now, where do I put this to know the details of my shipment? There isn’t any option for me.

  75. RESHMA says:

    I’m a marrow pro user
    Could you please guide me as to what is marrowthon and where do I get it

  76. Arvind yadav says:

    My pincode 284128 maharani Laxmi Bai Medical college jhansi UP

  77. Vijayalakshmi says:

    My pin code 614715 in orange zone.. please schedule the delivery of notes

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