Intern Mode E6: Complete Marrow videos in 120 days

Here are 7 things you should know about the new Edition 6 Intern Mode:

1. Intern Mode is a new mode inside Plan C
Intern Mode is not a separate plan. Anyone with plan C can access Intern Mode from the videos section

2. Made for those who have less time to prepare
Intern Mode is made for those who are genuinely short of time like interns, those who are working full-time & those who are starting their preparation late.

3. With Intern Mode, you can complete videos in 120 days
If you watch at 1.5x, you can easily finish the videos in 120 days (4 hours per day). This will leave you with enough time to do QBank & Revision.

Example: Suppose you have 6 months (180 days) till the exam-

120 daysIntern mode videos (4hrs/day @ 1.5x)
30 daysIntern mode Qbank
30 daysRevision

You can add in more hours per day, increase/decrease the watching speed & modify this schedule according to what works for you.

4. Intern Mode has 540 hours of videos, compared to 800+ in regular mode.
When you switch to Intern Mode, you will be shown only the most crucial videos. The rest of the videos will be replaced with QBank modules so that no topic/concept is missed.

5. This is a QBank + Video hybrid mode
Not all topics need video teaching. For some simple topics, QBank is sufficient. In Intern Mode, some low-yield videos are replaced with QBank modules, so that you can cover all the concepts faster.

6. There are no new videos in Intern Mode
This mode just helps you use the existing Marrow content more efficiently if you are short on time.

7. Intern Mode is the 2nd best way to use Marrow.
It is recommended ONLY if you cannot dedicate full time for your preparation. Otherwise, it is strongly recommended to watch all the Marrow videos.

Steps to access Intern Mode

Step 1: Tap on the videos tab in the Marrow app

Step 2: You will find intern mode on the top header 

Step 3: Now Tap on the toggle button to activate.

You can switch back to normal mode any time!


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  1. Sejal Dewangan says:

    You guys are doing really very well.. just wanted
    to thank you for making marrow available to us….

  2. Asif Ali Ansari says:

    Great that’s the reason i ❤️💝🔥 MARROW ❤️

  3. Asif Ali Ansari says:

    Really a true love ❤️ MARROW

  4. Vikas fauzdar says:

    Great ❤️

  5. Ankit Mishra says:

    Love 💕 MARROW
    Ed6 is better than ed5…

  6. Dr Amit kumar says:

    For exam point of view ,it is very helpful.

  7. Vijay says:

    Great marrow ❤️❤️

  8. Ajay Patil says:

    Thank you for most important information

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    Will be helpful

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  15. Merit says:

    Just wanted to know if i switch onto intern mode will my progress on normal mode be lost?

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  17. Dr.pooja says:

    Extra edge for the working people

  18. Dr khan says:

    Thanx a lots teachers n marrow👍🏻

  19. Nice way of completing the course in lesser time

  20. Prajwal VS says:

    So, some videos here are replaced by qbank. So do solve the qbank directly? How can I do it without knowing the concepts? Or should I solve the qbank at the end of seeing all the videos??

    • Marrow Admin says:

      Simple topics which do not need video lessons have been replaced by relevant Qbank Modules. These topics/concepts can be studied by just doing the QBank modules, instead of watching video. Please note this mode is only for those who are genuinely short of time like interns, and those working full-time.

  21. Satyam says:

    Love marrow

  22. Poonam says:

    Thanks for listening our heart

  23. Poonam says:

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    Thank u very much for this. Its a real help for those who hv less time in hand

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  27. It is good for person doing job along with preparation

  28. This is best one article so far I have read online. I would like to appreciate you for making it very simple and easy. Keep posting such kind of blogs as they are really informative, wish you good luck for your future blogs and hope they receive as much appraisal as you have got now.

  29. The good news is that they work very well. Looking forward to the next helpful posts. I was searching for the same information from last few days. Keep posting and keep sharing.. Thank you!

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