Testimonials from Toppers of NEET PG 2018

We are overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback we have been getting from our students who scored top ranks in NEET PG 2018. Though the role played by Marrow is small, we are extremely proud of them and glad that we could help. This is a great motivation for us to work harder and keep improving ourselves for future aspirants. We are happy to share some of the feedback here.

Marrow users who scored Top Ranks in NEET PG 2018


The constantly updated content, the question banks which have been set very well for the current negative marking environment and question sets like Image based questions are very unique to Marrow.
I’m thankful that I had come across Marrow in the early days of preparation

Dr. Shiralee Runwal
Rank 2, NEET PG 2018

Chapter-wise tests for each subject helped me complete my revision for each chapter in 2-3 hours.
The Mock-NEET test by Marrow helped me equip myself for the actual NEET exam.

Dr. Madhan Ram
Rank 3, NEET PG 2018

I feel if anyone uses the Marrow app regularly and covers at least half of the materials available in it, they would definitely have an advantage over the rest. The prediction of the type of questions is definitely better than the questions from other institutes.

Dr. Bhushan Shrikhande
Rank 4, NEET PG 2018

The mock test conducted by Marrow was extremely useful for me & I got a very similar rank. Each MCQ explanation was very reliable and accurate. The questions were very well-framed and did not seem like they were made for the sake of it.

Dr. Jagriti Nahata
Rank 5, NEET PG 2018

I had a travel time of 2 hours every time I go to my classroom sessions, and I used to go through Marrow pearls then. They were very useful.

Dr. Nishitha S.H.
Rank 7, NEET PG 2018

Hello sir …I m Shoaib …I was marrow user ..I got rank 17
Its such a good app
I got to know about it very late but only in 2 months I utilised it to the best ..
And I was in love with it.
It has got only quality questions ..no unnecessary junk
Thanks for developing such thing.

Dr.Shoaib Ansari
Rank 17, NEET PG 2018

Thank you Marrow team!
Marrow test was very productive.
The way of explaining the solutions is very good!

Dr.Ayush Jain
Rank 22, NEET PG 2018

Marrow helped me enormously with practising mcqs and image based questions. I feel Marrow offers a complete package with mcq bank, tests and videos which is sufficient for anyone to build concepts from scratch. I would like to thank the marrow faculty and team for helping me get through.

Dr.Sandeep Prasad
Rank 29, NEET PG 2018

I am a test series and Mcq question bank (plan B) holder of Marrow. I stood all India 30th in neet pg. Wanted to extend my gratitude to the faculty and the entire marrow team!

Dr.Amay Banker
Rank 30, NEET PG 2018

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I was a pro user of Marrow test series. I have secured an all India rank of 40 in this NEET PG exam. Im really thankful to you and Marrow team, for getting a good score. I have already sent a mail to the marrow team before the NEET exam, expressing my thankfullness. You people are the best in the business. Thank u so much.
Marrow has been an integral part of my preparation! And IM always grateful to you.

Dr.Praveenkumar Natarajan
Rank 40, NEET PG 2018

I am very thankful to Marrow app,
I was plan C user
It’s a great initiative taken by Dr Deepu Sebin sir,
I did my UG from MIMER MC Talegaon, which is 40 km from Pune,
Marrow is the best thing for students studying in periphery.
It was my first attempt.
All the best for team Marrow
You are surely going to be future of medical PG entrance examination

Dr.Saurabh Limaye
Rank 44, NEET PG 2018

Hello sir! Myself Radhika Jakhotia. Sir i scored 826 in neet 2018..i want to thank you and other team of teachers for creating such a good app..I owe a part of my success to the marrow app. This is a great app and i would like to say that everyone should use this app because the videos and mcqs and the PEARLS are beyound doubt the best and trustworthy. Thank you so much for creating such a good app

Dr.Radhika Jakhotia
Rank 76, NEET PG 2018

Sir got AIR 85. Marrow app is amazing and i enjoyed those all updates, those mock tests, and new pattern questions. Mock test made me confident for the exam. Thank you and your team for all such effort

Dr.Shubam Khatod
Rank 85, NEET PG 2018

I got 102 rank. had scored 50 and 75 ranks in the NEET mock. Thank u marrow.

Dr.Rohan Venugopal
Rank 102, NEET PG 2018

Sir I gave marrow mock exams n tests…really lykd it..the interface questions explanations everything is perfect..
My rank is 122 all India rank
Thanks to marrow for helping me achieve this

Dr.Sunny Jain
Rank 122, NEET PG 2018

Got AIR 129 !

Dr.Kamaxi Trivedi
Rank 129, NEET PG 2018

I m Dr. Mekha Premachandran
I got AIR 242  ….i hav attended kottayam alumni but i hav used marrow tests …i found them very useful
Marrow is really wonderful
Thank you team marrow for the support nd guidance
I want to personally thank Dr. Sebin nd Dr.suganya for their strategy videos
Thank u

Dr.Mekha Premachandran
Rank 242, NEET PG 2018

I like to thank marrow and team as I secured 357 AIR and I m sure to get good rank in upcoming Nimhans also as I have build good concepts from marrow,,,,In the final 2 months I used marrow as much as possible ….

Dr.Logesh A.K
Rank 357, NEET PG 2018

Myself Prabhu Dutta Sahu I HV got 469 rank in neet pg though I m regular batch student of DBMCI I was also in touch wid marrow app I HV done only free module available in that and two grand test for neet.Thanks to marrow team for such a wonderful ,informative app for all pg aspirants.

Dr.Prabhudutta Sahu
Rank 469, NEET PG 2018

Dear Marrow team
I am Dr Vijayalakshmi. My all india rank in NEET-PG 2018 is 475 (percentile 99.6)
The difficulty level of the NEET exam was like first national mock test and i also got a similar percentile.
The question bank, explanations and subject tests helped me in my preparation.
Thank you

Rank 475, NEET PG 2018

I have got AIR 630 in NEET PG 2018. I would like to thanks MARROW team from the core of my heart. I have been attached to MARROW since it’s beginning and I found my performance constantly improving through the MCQs modules. Though I was not able to complete the whole Modules… But the tests and modules I practiced, It worked on the exam day only because of conceptual and innovative questions and their explanation.
I would like to recommend every PG aspirant to go through the MARROW.
Thanks again.

Dr.Deepak Sharma
Rank 630, NEET PG 2018

Sir, I’m a Marrow pro user plan B. Score 752 in neet pg 2018 and got a rank of 710. Started using marrow since october 2017 and my ranks improved greatly since then in nov aiims, nov jipmer and finally neet. Its a great platform and it helped me a lot. I am recommending all my friends and juniors to use it. Keep up the good work.

Dr.Somnath Das
Rank 752, NEET PG 2018

hello sir,
this is ARUNKUMAR from bengaluru. Eventhough Iam not a subscribed user of MARROW, but I liked your test series and I use to give all mocks without fail. They are really excellent and I got my NEET rank almost near as I got in MARROW mocks. Thank u sir.
I got rank of 854(neet), AIIMS -443, PGI-583, JIPMER- 890.

Rank 854, NEET PG 2018

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  1. Himanshu says:

    I am very thankful to Marrow app,
    I was plan C user
    It’s a great initiative taken by Dr sakhchi arora mame .Rohan Khandelwal sir orthopedic Pediatrics. PSM.
    Marrow is the best thing for students studying in periphery.
    It my first attempt.
    All the best for team Marrow
    You are surely going to be future of medical PG entrance examination and USMLE/PLAB

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