Special Short-Term Plans in view of the NEET-PG postponement

Please Note: Special Short Term Plans will expire on 31 January 11:59 PM

Dear Student, 

Many of you must have purchased a Marrow Pro Plan with NEET-PG 2024 in mind, and we can understand the distress that the exam date change must have caused.

Keeping this in mind and considering all your requests, we have made “Short-term Plans” available. These plans are available only to selected Marrow Plan B & C students whose plans are affected by the date change.

Please Note:

  1. Available only till Jan 31
  2. Available for selected Plan B & C students whose plans expire between Jan 1 & July 7, 2024
  3. Plan B users can also purchase a Short Term Plan C & get immediate access to all videos
  4. This will be added as an extension to your existing plan
  5. These plans can only be purchased once using the link provided above

The Short Term Plan C will give you access to all Marrow Videos. We also recommend using the last few months before NEET-PG 2024 to thoroughly cover the following high-impact videos:

  1. Revision Videos (180+ Hrs)
  2. Delta MCQ Discussion Videos (90 Hrs)
  3. Delta Recent Updates (10 Hrs)

Also, the 2024 Grand Test schedule is now live in the Marrow app. We strongly recommend you do not miss any of the GTs

If your plan is expiring before the exam, you can opt for a Short-Term Plan and continue watching these videos and solving GTs. All the best for the last lap of your preparations.


1. Until when will the Short Term Plans be available for purchase?
Short Term Plans will be available for purchase only till Jan 31.

2. I have an active Plan B. Can I upgrade to Plan C with these Short Term Plans?
Yes, Plan B users can purchase a Short Term Plan C. You will get access to Marrow videos immediately post-purchase.

For example, if your Plan B is expiring on March 1st & you purchase a Plan C 3-month STP on January 16th:
– Videos: Jan 16th + 90 days (ie immediately)
– QBank, Test : March 1st + 90 days

3. Who is eligible to purchase Short Term Plans? Is it available for all?
No, Short Term Plans are available only for selected Plan B and C students whose plans expire between Jan 1 and July 7, 2024.

4. What will happen to my existing/pending validity?
The new plan validity will be added to the existing validity. For example, if your current plan expires on May 7, 2024, and you opt for a 2-month Short Term Plan (STP), your extended validity will be until July 7, 2024.

5. Can I purchase multiple short-term plans, such as Plan C 3-month and 1-month?
You can purchase only one of the plans. Once you purchase a plan, you will be ineligible to buy any other short-term plans.

6. Can I get access to all Marrow content with a Short Term Plan? 
Yes, purchasing a Short Term Plan C gives you access to all Marrow content. This includes Revision Videos, Delta MCQ Discussion Videos, Delta Recent Updates, QBank, GTs and more. 

7. I want to purchase a 6-month Plan C or Plan B. What should I do?
You can avail Plan C: 6 months or Plan B: 6 months from our Marrow PRO Page.

8. Can I avail a RENEW discount on the short-term plans?
RENEW discount will not apply to these short-term plans. However, you can avail a renewal discount of 10% on the plans available on our Marrow PRO Page.


16 Responses

  1. Dr sk latif ali says:

    Yes need

  2. Harsha says:

    My plan is ending on 20th of June. Do I have to buy the 1 month plan right now or I can get the plan once my plan is over..

  3. Dr Siddharth V TALLUR says:

    Suppose if my currnet plan validity is till Feb 26…if I purchase new plan for 3 months…is the new plan validity starts from Feb 26..or 3 months from today

    • Kishan Shob says:

      The new plan validity will be added to your existing validity. For example, if your current plan expires on May 7, 2024, and you opt for a 2-month Short Term Plan (STP), your extended validity will be until July 7, 2024.

  4. Shree says:

    Much needed!!!

  5. Saman Naz says:

    I need it

  6. Haritha says:

    Sir, I have active plan C till 16 th April. Can I purchase short term plan B for the remaining months?

    • Kishan Shob says:

      Yes, If you’re purchasing Short Term Plan B, your existing Plan C benefits can still be utilised until April 16th. Your newly purchased Plan B benefits will become active thereafter.

  7. Tushar Nale says:

    Thank u marrow ❤️

  8. draswathichandrabose says:

    Yes I need an add on short term plan

  9. Naman pratap Singh says:

    Yes good

  10. Sathish kumar N says:

    Thanks a lot marrow. Much needed extension ..

  11. Saurabh shinde says:

    Small step forward ❤️

  12. Manoj Kumar says:

    Thank you marrow

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