MED80: Medicine in 80 hours

What is MED80?

MED80 or Medicine in 80 hours, is a series of crisp Medicine lectures, covering only selected important topics. 

What are the topics covered in MED80?

Please see the speciality-wise list below:

S.NoSpecialityDuration (in hours)
1Liver and Medical Gastroenterology10
2Endocrinology and Metabolism10
3Rheumatology and Immunology 5
4Respiratory System10

Total: 80 hours

How different will the content be from the complete Medicine videos?

The MED80 videos will not cover all topics in detail and depth. Only selected topics will be covered. It is a shorter version of the existing Medicine videos in Edition 5.

Who should use MED80?

Med80 is meant for exam-going students who have time constraints, but have a decent base in Medicine from UG classes. It is perfect for:

  1. Interns who haven’t had much time to study, and are now almost out of time
  2. FMGE students 
  3. Doctors starting their NEET PG prep after a long break post-MBBS

All other students should NOT use MED80. They should study from the complete Medicine course (140 hours)

When will MED80 release?

MED80 will be released in the Marrow app by end of May.

Will we have to purchase a separate plan for MED80?

MED80 will be available to all Plan C and Video users. 

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  1. Dr.Shaukheen says:

    Very nice

  2. Dr.Shaukheen says:

    Very nice 👌

  3. Rakesh gehlot says:

    Iam 2’ed mbbs student so med80 helpful or not for me?

  4. BISWANATH jena says:

    Thanks all Marrow team for Having a thought for us every moment And trying to help in every way possible.I am glad i am a member of this Big hearted family. Keep it up Marrow🙏🥰..Love from SCBMCH, Odisha

  5. Rinumol says:

    Thank you for the great efforts

  6. Mohamed Afif says:

    When will it release?

  7. Dr Bishal Saha says:

    When it will release

  8. Farhana says:

    I am a planc user,where should I search for med80 videos.

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