MCQ of the Day – Schedule for the next 1 month: Updated

Please find the schedule for MCQ of the Day for the next 1month. This schedule includes mostly repeated questions from the Recent NEET PG, AIIMS, Recent updates and controversial MCQs.

Please note: You might notice that MCQs for a few days in June are missing. Those will be updated before May 31st.


  • 10th May: A 30 year old female with a past medical history of generalised seizures controlled with phenytoin therapy. She had mild pallor on physical examination. Lab values : Hb: 9.8 mg/dl, MCV : 106 fl, Platelets : 180,000/, leukocytes : 7800/ Which of the following supplementations could have prevented this anemia?

        Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 11th May: All among the following are ionizing radiations except ______

       Recent AIIMS PG pattern

  • 12th May: All of the following are true regarding the urban primary health centre staff except _____.

       About today

  • 13th May: The following partogram shows:

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 14th May: Which of these vaccines is not covered in the programme mentioned below?

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 16th May: α1-antitrypsin is the major inhibitor of the enzyme ________.

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 17th May: Which of the following risk factor is most commonly associated with the development of the condition seen in the following CT?

       About today

  • 18th May: The ideal timing of steroid therapy in primary CNS lymphoma is

       About today

  • 19th May: Which of the following is sensed by the Nuclear bag fibers?

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 20th May: The type of necrosis seen in the vessel wall of a patient with polyarteritis nodosa is __________.

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 21st May: Type of inheritance in MELAS is _____.

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 22nd May: “Gene library” is a term used to describe ______

       About today

  • 23rd May: In which of the following conditions is this type of hair seen?

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 24th May: Gastric lavage can be performed in case of poisoning by _________

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 26th May: Which of the following DO NOT stimulate either central or peripheral chemoreceptors?

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 27th May: All are true about Barrett esophagus except ______.

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 28th May: A child presents with hypotonia and seizures. It was confirmed to be cerebrohepatorenal syndrome. Which of the following is accumulated in the brain in cerebrohepatorenal syndrome?

       Recent AIIMS/NEET PG repeat pattern

  • 29th May: Punched-out ulcers in the esophagus is caused by______.

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 30th May: Which of the following neurotransmitters acts on the muscle behind a bolus of food in the process of peristalsis?

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 31st May: When is the World No Tobacco Day observed every year?

       About today

  • 1st June: A 1 day old boy admitted in neonatal icu with cyanosis. This infant who was born at term after an uncomplicated delivery developed cyanosis after 2 hours. Pulse oximetry shows 80 % not improving with 100 % O2. A continuous machinery murmur can be heard on auscultation. Which of the following can be done?

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 3nd June: Sensory loss below the circumferential level of the umbilicus, corresponds to the lesion at which spinal cord segment?

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 5th June: The anatomical area that harbors a vast majority of the gastrinomas in sporadic diseases and MEN 1 has been termed as the gastrinoma triangle. Which of the following structures constitute the gastrinoma triangle?

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 7th June: Which of these is associated with primary membranous nephropathy in humans?

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 9th June: Vasopressin acting on its V2 receptor uses _____ as its secondary messenger.

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 11th June:  Which among the following is not a function of pneumotaxic centre ?

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 13th June: A 30-year-old HIV positive male presents with fever for 3 weeks, dry cough and significant weight loss. His chest X-ray is given below. What is the most likely diagnosis?:

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 15th June: Analysis Of Variance test is used in which scenario among the following?

       Recent NEET PG repeat pattern

  • 17th June: Which of the following is used to stain calcium in tissue sections?

       Recent NEET PG pattern

  • 19th June: The Japanese Encephalitis virus life cycle in nature runs between _______

       Recent NEET PG pattern

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