Introducing New & Revised Tags – Now get to know what is updated!

We update our content every day, and now you’ll get to know precisely what is updated!

Look for these two new tags in your Marrow app: New & Revised. This is what they indicate:


This tag indicates that fresh MCQs have been added to the module. This could include updates, new edition textbook changes & recent exam questions.


This tag indicates that some existing MCQs in the module have been revised. This can be due to guideline changes, error correction & clarifications for controversies.

This is part of our efforts to stay error-free and to make sure you will never miss an update.



37 Responses

  1. Anand says:

    Awsm update, thanks for this,

  2. Mrigya jain says:

    Yes tell about updates

  3. Richa Rani says:

    How can i see..

  4. Abhishek says:

    excellent app

  5. Italiya Bharati karshanbhai says:


  6. Soumyashree says:

    Good job

  7. Dr Madhumita Ghosh says:

    Please add me

  8. Tijo P Jose says:

    Great innovative change..

  9. Dr Madhumita Ghosh says:

    Questions are awesome

  10. Krish a prakash says:

    Nice job it is very useful for me

  11. Pranita says:

    It ll b helpful

  12. Ashish gupta says:


  13. Krupa Sutaria says:

    This would be a great update

  14. Dr jayant kumar says:

    Very nice collection mcq

  15. Dr jayant kumar says:

    Very nice collection of mcqs

  16. Sandeep jadhav says:

    If u can also tag previous year asked questions and topic it would b great .

  17. Pranita says:

    I ll b useful

  18. rahul says:

    Nice approach…

  19. ANUJ KUMAR says:

    Very good

  20. Waseem akram says:

    Best app to all pg aspirant

  21. Waseem akram says:

    I am using this app continue just like lunch and dinner


    Good step…. To make our goal more easy

  23. Semiullah says:

    U guys doing well. Unfortunately too late to know about such a great and precise app to crack medicine

  24. Sindhuja says:

    Good effort

  25. Manikandan says:

    Nice step..

  26. Arul says:

    Good.. continue the good work

  27. Nicky Anand says:

    This will help us a lot n save time 👍

  28. Dr. Amit. Kumar dubey says:

    Great. Effort

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