Marrow Revision Manifesto: How to do revision right, for NEET PG 2020

Revision time is just around the corner for NEET PG 2020. And it is critical that you do it right. Here are the key points regarding revision that you have to keep in mind:

The Revision Manifesto

  1. Revision is a consolidation of whatever you have studied until now.
  2. Ideally, you go back and re-read your Notes and bookmarked QBank MCQs and Pearls.
  3. Up to 20% of your time can be set aside for MCQ practice by solving Marrow QBank.
  4. No new content sources are recommended during revision. *Remember Revision literally means to โ€œread againโ€.
  5. A minimum of 3 rounds of revision is recommended.
  6. There is a revised list of Grand Tests in Marrow. All GTs from September 1st are very important. All of them contain new questions as well as derivative questions (ie, no direct repeat from QBank). This simulates the real exam.
  7. Have a calendar plan for revision. A mini revision is recommended prior to Nov AIIMS as well.

It is a tough exam, but Marrowlings are tougher. We have supported you to make you tougher. You have the edge, now sharpen it and win it.ย ๐Ÿ’ช

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163 Responses

  1. Anshu kumari says:


  2. Akash garg says:

    Pls provide with list of imp topics
    Also tell d order of subjects we should prioritise
    Iโ€™m currently doing internship so less time for revision

  3. Gaurav singh says:

    Good improvement

  4. Gaurav singh says:

    It’s a good change by marrow faculty and thanks for their valuable support

  5. Saliha Agasiwala says:

    Give calendar of revision

  6. Doc pg says:

    Thank you. Is giving the same post September grand tests 5 and 6 of 2018 recommended as they also might be new question based?

  7. Sabari says:

    Sir inspite of conviencing us…do something which make our revision efgicently like prepladder

  8. Keyur Upadhyay says:

    Sir how many days for each subject?

  9. Ruksar says:

    Thanks a lot team marrow!

  10. Dr. Virendra Singh says:

    plzz give me complete knowledge /advice how I can use Marrow effectively

  11. Plzz give me complete knowledge how can I use Marrow effectively

  12. Nagaraj says:

    Can I start revision from mid October

  13. Sharada priyadarshi swain says:

    Thank you sir for the advices you have given…It will definitely help me.

  14. Manish Goswami says:

    Thanks for providing this information

  15. Tamilselvan says:

    Marrow taught me how to approach for a tough xam it clearly means it!!Tough means Tough Make sure u go through it!

  16. Shahid Ali says:

    My mcq solving and reading the explanation of wrong/skipped questions takes just as much time as the revision itself. Should i skip the explanation part? Or else how to increase the speed?

  17. Akash Geda says:

    Thank you so much :))

  18. Deep says:

    Thank you for waking me up.. Sir๐Ÿ™Œ

  19. Vikas sarnaliya says:


  20. Adyashree Das says:

    Thanks for motivation marrow

  21. s gautham says:

    thank you people ๐Ÿ™‚
    if a table is provided where we can fill up the dates and subject kinda thing, would be a useful much

  22. Kushal Jain says:

    Please provide quick revision content for FMGE

  23. It’s a wonderful pg preparation app.Thanks for such a valuable guidance

  24. Krishna murari says:


  25. Rahul says:

    Please Guide..

  26. Dipty says:

    Thnku soo much marrow team

  27. Sakti pada singha says:


  28. BISWAJIT says:

    Thanks a lot

  29. Rahul Krishnamoorthi says:

    When to start it ? Some subjects are still pending?

  30. Gyan Ranjan says:


  31. Akash says:

    Thanks a lot marrow:)

  32. SHUBHAM says:

    Revision is very time consuming just like I’m reading again as 1st time….

  33. Pranshu says:

    Thanx a lot!!

  34. Syed yawar Ali says:

    thanks to the Marrow Team for wonderful app

  35. Padmesh says:

    From when we can start revision?

  36. Pratap says:

    Thank you Marrow …

  37. Durga Devi says:

    Thank you

  38. Dr prathyusha says:

    Thanku ..marrow

  39. Shriram lodhi says:


  40. Shriram lodhi rajput says:


  41. Snehamathy says:

    Want to cancel question test

  42. Valmiki Balaji says:

    Excellent sir

  43. Harikrishnan S says:

    Thank you marrow

  44. Dr Daisy says:

    Thanku!! Marrow is d best!

  45. Dr Daisy says:

    Thanku !

  46. Sudarshan mundhe says:

    Excellent.. Thanx a lot!

  47. Fauzan biya says:

    Sir can u share a schedule in hw many days subjects need to be completed in revision

  48. Ashwini says:

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

  49. Nezam says:

    Nice suggestion

  50. Raj bhushan says:


  51. PAJESH JP says:

    Thank you Marrow

  52. Obulesh yadav says:

    Thank u… Marrow

  53. Swetha says:

    Wen is pgi nov i mean notification

  54. Amrutraj patil says:

    Thank youu Sir

  55. Ruchika says:

    Yes..we need new questions in GT SWT

  56. Madhu says:

    Thanks marrow

  57. Asha says:

    Thank you….!!

  58. Asha says:

    Thanks marrow….!!

  59. Anoopsingh says:

    Plz highlight which modules of Q bank are very very IMPORTANT . So that we can revise these modules 1 week before exam.

  60. ss says:

    i have started revision from yesterday but it feels like i m reading first time …what to do????

  61. Sarang says:

    Thanks marrow…keep motivating

  62. Brijesh says:


  63. Madhvi Singh says:

    Max till when should the revision be started???

  64. Sherin says:

    Thanks marrow.. ๐Ÿ˜˜

  65. Karthik says:

    Nandrigal pala!!!!!

  66. Aditya says:

    Marrow is best ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Mohosin says:

    Many thanks

  68. Madan Kumar says:

    Sir my book Mark’s question about 10500 .how can I revise

  69. Madan Kumar says:

    Sir my book Mark’s Qbank about 10500 .how can I revise much more time

  70. Dr. M. Biswas says:


  71. Sarthak says:

    The only problem is the inability to give as much as time needed to the goal, taking into consideration the internship. It’s hectic. Give some serious advice regarding that. We are not idiots to be not studying.

  72. Shalakha Pravin bhimjiyani says:


  73. Ajay Deshmukh says:


  74. Shreya Detroja says:

    Marrowlings are tougher. ๐ŸŒŸ

  75. Dr.mintu says:

    Thanks f your support

  76. Dr.mintu says:

    Thanks f your support and advice,just keep guiding us.

  77. Ayushi Sharma says:

    Thanks..but actually I m intern nd not even completed half of the subjects..Nd really dnt know how to go further…do I have any chance or not…??

  78. Unmesh Sutar says:

    Thank you so much for your valuable advice and efforts for all of us. I would like to suggest you to provide helpful revision visuals or synapses at last 2 months

  79. Jain says:

    Thank you

  80. Anurag das says:


  81. Dr.Manikandan.N says:

    It will be really helpful if there will be test and discussion for each subjects about previous neet questions alone

  82. Devendra Singh says:

    Thank you marrow

  83. Sathish Kumar says:

    Thanks marrow

  84. Sandeep parihar says:

    Thanks marrow team

  85. Fidha Febin says:


  86. Fidha Febin says:

    Thank you

  87. Ashutosh Sudan says:

    Hey marrow, is it enough if I revise only marrow Qbank thrice before meet pg exam ? Please reply

  88. Ashutosh Sudan says:

    Hey marrow, is it enough if I revise only marrow Qbank thrice before neet pg exam ? Please reply

  89. Dr.S.P.Singh says:

    Thanks team marrow for providing excellent quality of materials and effort for your members……

  90. Satyendra says:

    Thanks it is better if we add T& D for individual sub tests

  91. Sakshe jain says:

    Thanks for guiding us

  92. Sakshe jain says:

    Thanks for guiding us n taking us in correct direction to achieve our goal

  93. Shabana says:

    Thank u keep motivating

  94. Dr.Nikita chary says:

    Hello Marrow….
    Can u post a revision schedule like u guys did in the last year…

  95. Hello Marrow..!!
    Pls post a Perfect Revision schedule for further 145days…!!!!!!

  96. Dr. Abida Akmal says:

    I am a doctor and working as medical officer in Employees state insurance, utter Pradesh and before that I worked in military ,railway and Era medical college. After doing M.B.B.S.I cleared DNB primary in first attempt and got paid seats in BHU,Sir Gangs Ram Hospital, New Delhi and other institutions too but my husband was not agreed for so I couldn’t not completed it.At present I am a good doctor without I want to do something like USMLE for my job satisfaction and to leave behind my personal problems.I found that marrow is not only for neet PG but more than this. I get little time to study after six hours duty and home affairs along with I have to look after my salary is much important. So please guide me how do I manage it.

  97. Jitendra Sharma(GSVM knp) says:

    Thank you Marrow๐Ÿ˜€

  98. Prakash Saravanan says:

    Thank u marrow… Keep sharpening marrowlings….

  99. DR SHWETA says:

    Thanks.pls keep updated about the forms of all of exams too

  100. Ankush says:

    Josh is high sir

  101. Anubhav Mishra says:

    Thank u marrow

  102. Vishal Mishra says:

    Got it

  103. Vishal Mishra says:

    Got it what exactly to do from now

  104. Deepak Kumar says:

    many many thanks.

  105. Aditya narayan sharma says:

    Not have completed subjects…internship started on 26 March therafter only started studying

  106. Supriya says:

    I m repeater, previous year while revising , I made plan of 1 month for 1 revision , but what happened each time after 1 month I forgotten most of stuff what I read of particular sub. So that’s why instead of given my 100 per. During revision I not got output ..please help me this time revision strategy

  107. Supriya ankush kedar says:

    I m repeater, previous year while revising , I made plan of 1 month for 1 revision , but what happened each time after 1 month I forgotten most of stuff what I read of particular sub. So that’s why instead of given my 100 per. During revision I not got output ..please help me this time revision strategy

  108. Shikha kumari says:

    I’m interested

  109. Shikha kumari says:


  110. mohamed shakeel says:


  111. Nilendu Mandal says:

    Thnks, it is helpful

  112. Dr. Ashok says:

    Thanx marrow team๐Ÿ‘

  113. Nikhila says:

    Thank you

  114. Febina A Manaf says:


  115. Sanjay says:

    By what time revision should be started

  116. Dr Atul says:

    It is significant guidelines for neet pg

  117. km prasanth says:

    thanks marrow

  118. GOKUL PRASATH says:

    Thanks marrow

  119. Abhiranjan says:

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

  120. Christy says:

    Heartleft thanks to marrow team for the guidance…

  121. dr saurabh jain Jain says:

    awesome guidance.

  122. Vinayalatha says:


  123. Good but should have been more elaborate about revision strategy

  124. krishna says:

    thank u marrow

  125. Vinu says:

    Thanks for such a true care on us marrow team. We are forever indebted

  126. Shalini Sharma says:


  127. Sanjana says:

    Thank u marrow

  128. Aishwarya says:


  129. Khushboo kumari says:


  130. Nishant says:

    How should I prepare for neet 2020 as I dont have studied yet and started studying now and all subjects are new for me

  131. Sowmya says:

    Thank you

  132. Munmun karmakar says:

    Thank you marrow for inspiring such students whom were passed few yrs back and need push hard towards the battle.

  133. DRISHYA says:

    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  134. Valmiki Balaji says:

    Thank you marrow

  135. Arun kishore says:


  136. Tyagraj says:

    Thanks for valuable suggestions

  137. Nousiya says:


  138. K. Pranathi says:


  139. Alekh says:

    How to revise from notes effectively,solving qbank n test series is ..Good way .??
    How to revise 1st major sub or start from short sub.??
    Please provide all 19 sub.order effectively ?With each sub. time devoted …
    Still my medicine n psm is not completed yet now ..What to do ??..

    From wich month I should start revise ..sept.1week or mid Sept.

  140. Fida ali says:

    I just started marrow can i study and use my marrow effectively?

  141. sunil kumar k says:

    five times revision in last months,what rank .can I expect

  142. sunil kumar k says:

    five times revision in last 4 months,what rank .can I expect.with sufficient study materials.and regular marrow tests

  143. sunil kumar k says:

    five times revesion in last 4 months,what rank could i expect.
    with sufficient study material

  144. sunil kumar k says:

    i had got a message about marrow concised notes for aiims may 2020.i could not get it.
    how to get it

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