Marrow National AIIMS PG Mock 2020

The Marrow National AIIMS PG Mock will be live from May 22. Here is what you need to know:

When is the Marrow National AIIMS PG Mock 2020 live?
The Exam will be live from May 22 Friday, 10:00 am.

Where can I take the test?
You can take the test only from your desktop/laptop, as this Mock includes the new AIIMS pattern questions. You cannot take this test from the Marrow app.

Click the button below to take the test:

Who can take the test?
All Marrow students can take this test (Not just the Pro users).

How long will the test be live?
The test will be Live for 5 days – till May 27.

When will we get the results?
All India rank and results will be out on May 27.

Will I still see the review and post-test analysis in the Marrow app?
Yes, the review and post-test analysis will be available in the app.

Can we give the test after May 27?
You can, but you will get a predicted rank. So it is not recommended.

If you have any other questions, write to us at


7 Responses

  1. Prajwal M N says:

    Sir are we able to take exam via mobile since we are not have desktop facility iam your pro user

  2. Miyukta Ravuri says:

    I’m not a student from India !
    I study MBBS 3rd year in GEORGIA. What should I choose for the state and college ?

  3. Suroor says:

    No marrow tests for neet SS students???

  4. Faiz says:

    Sir you have given one month free for pro user .now than has been locked.why this is so?

  5. Sivapriya says:

    I am not able to play the videos on the laptop and also not able to access the app as efficiently as in the phone… Kindly provide the tech support to access the app in the pc

  6. MAHI JOSHI says:

    Sir we don’t have desktop….where we will find it in a lockdown

  7. Sadhan Barman says:

    Sir we don’t have desktop Or laptop, please find a way

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