Marrow Master Image Discussion Videos: Subject-wise Schedule

We are excited to announce the launch of Marrow Master Image Discussion videos. This will be a series of 35+ hours of Image discussion videos by Marrow faculty.

The videos in this series will be published in parts, starting from October 1st exclusively in Marrow app. Please find the subject-wise schedule of publishing:

SubjectDate of Publishing
PhysiologyOct 1
MicrobiologyOct 2
PathologyOct 3
DermatologyOct 4
SurgeryOct 5
MedicineOct 6
ENTOct 7
PharmacologyOct 8
Orthopedics, RadiologyOct 9
OBG, Anesthesia, Community MedicineOct 10
Anatomy, Biochemistry, PediatricsOct 11
Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Forensic MedicineOct 12

Please note that this is the schedule of publishing. Once published, these videos will be always available for watching.

The videos in this series are newly created and recorded by Marrow faculty keeping your revision in mind. When it comes to Image MCQs, last-minute recall is critical. We hope you make the best use of this series.

Register here for Marrow Master Image Discussion Videos

How to purchase:

1. If you are a Marrow Plan C user, you do not have to purchase. You can access the videos for free in the video section of your app on Oct 1st.

2. If you are a Plan B or Plan A user, you can purchase the Image Discussion videos for a price of Rs. 1499 from the subscribe page of your app.

3. If you are a Marrow Free user or a non-Marrow user, you have to become a Marrow Pro user to be eligible to purchase/access Master image Discussion videos.


Will this be available to all Marrow users?

This video series will be available for Free to all Marrow Plan C/Video users from Oct 1st.
Marrow Plan A, B & QBank users can purchase it at a discounted price of Rs. 1499.
At this point, it is not available to Marrow students who are not Pro users, or non-Marrow users.

Is it available to non-Marrow users?

Not as of now. You need to sign up on Marrow and subscribe to a Pro Plan to be eligible to access Master Image Discussion Videos. If you subscribe to Plan C /video plan, you can access this series for Free. If you subscribe to Plan A, B or QBank plan, you can buy this plan as an add-on at Rs 1499.

Will this cover all subjects?

Yes, Marrow Master Image Discussion Videos cover all 19 subjects. These are new videos created and recorded by Marrow faculty keeping your revision in mind.

When can I purchase Marrow Master Image Discussion Videos?

You can purchase this video series starting from today. If you are a Plan C / Video user, you will get access to these videos for Free on Oct 1st. If you are not a Marrow Pro user, you need to subscribe to a plan to be eligible to purchase it.

Can we watch these videos as and when we want? Or are these Live videos?

You can watch it whenever you want to. These videos will be just like any other Marrow videos. They are not Live videos and will be exclusively available in Marrow android & ios app only.

Register here for Marrow Master Image Discussion Videos

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72 Responses

  1. Apurva Mayank says:

    Is it available for plan B users?

  2. Shakyansh Singh says:

    Will these be available permanently after being launched?

  3. Ankeeta Chakravartty says:

    thank you marrow..

  4. Kavuri Lohith says:

    Can we get the notes of that images

  5. Shraddha Kankariya says:

    Can the videos be saved offline?

  6. Sukhpreet Sodhi says:

    It will be live or we can see any time

  7. Roopeessh says:

    Any hard copy of all images so that we will have images during prep despite being present in app

  8. Fathimunisa says:

    What about test series users they also pay only 1499 ?

  9. Rana says:

    Is pdf with images attached for rerevision??

  10. Ajay says:

    Awesome marrow 😍😍

  11. Dr TAPAN says:

    Please provide free to plan B user also.

  12. Meena Devi says:

    Sir, I m marrow plan B user…is it possible to see only image based video from Oct 1 by paying Rs 1499/-???or should I change to plan C to see these videos

  13. Abinaya says:

    Plz also prepare videos for problem solving questions and Mcqs .it will be very useful.

  14. Prabhnoor says:

    Please set a price for narrow users who are free subscribers.

  15. Shivangini Sharma says:

    Only image based discussion will be there or it will include images plus high yield topic of every subject

  16. Sravan kumar says:

    Good idea,hope they will help in a great way.thanks to MARROW.keep on rocking

  17. Subhalagna says:

    Please make it available for plan B users .

  18. Chandani says:

    It’s helping to my exam

  19. Pijush Das says:

    I m interested and it will be a great help

  20. Ajinkya says:

    1) Can these videos be viewed multiple times once registered ? Or is there a restriction to the number of views ?
    2) can I watch these videos online via a computer or latop or is it only and only from app ?

  21. Abhishek Mishra says:

    looking forward to attend this session

  22. Anand Bhover says:

    Are these videos have time limit or can be watched whenever we want till neet ?

  23. Sreeveni says:

    Can we buy during or after oct 12th or should I buy it before oct 1st

  24. Rahul Agrawal says:

    Much needed

  25. Baba Kolhal says:

    Thanks Marrow Team

  26. Anuj says:

    Hope it brings out the best

  27. Hemlata verma says:


  28. Pooja says:

    I’m a marrow plan c user. Do I need to still register?

  29. Dr.karthika shyamsundar says:

    Waiting for tis session. Nice initiative and thanks to marrow team

  30. Dr Javed khan says:

    It’s good move by marrow…

  31. Dr Javed khan says:


  32. Md Mobarak Hussain says:

    Looks quite interesting and useful

  33. Dr vinay Kumar says:


  34. Mahesh says:

    Total hrs?????

  35. nagababu says:

    Nice job sir ty

  36. Samir alam says:


  37. Kakoli says:

    Thank you sir

  38. Mandar Patil says:

    We need to buy it now or can we buy it later too??

  39. Shimona Kapur says:

    How to purchase it?

  40. Riddhi says:

    How to purchase buy marrow plan b user

  41. Nabanita says:

    Good ,a great help for meet neet aspirants .

  42. Sannidhi Y M says:

    There is no last date for registering for this, right?

  43. Sourabh P says:

    Thankyou so much sebin sir really need of the hour

  44. Meghana T S says:

    Thank you so much

  45. Priya yadav says:

    How to register

  46. Mishty Shukla says:

    It should be available for even plan A & plan B students too

  47. Jay kothari says:

    Soft copy will be available for these videos after we subcribe it?

  48. R.v.Nagamani says:

    Sir…. is this video’s will cover the new updates of all subjects upto now sir…

  49. Arathi says:

    Would love to attend this session

  50. Atul says:

    I want to registration for image discussion vedio pls send to me link for registration so that .pay for resistration

  51. Agniva Sarkar says:

    Great initiative

  52. Ashwini says:

    R they able to watch anytime upto neet exam??

  53. archana says:

    Thanks very useful for revision

  54. Sk ZIARUL says:


  55. Major Ashish Rapria says:

    At this moment the market is full of distractions for revision plan/other short capsules and what not
    But we only have faith in our marrow because we are preparing since day 1 of our preparation.Marrow and PG aspirants are growing along with the time.It gives a great sense of confidence to us that you are here for us.
    Thanks a lot Marrow Team

  56. Dr navjot says:

    Thank you so much marrow
    This was the only thing lacking
    U guys rock

  57. Dr sachindra kumar says:

    Very nice idea for neet preparation

  58. Harshita says:

    My plan ends on October 31. So will these be available to me after that also incase I download them?

  59. vishal kumar singh says:

    Best team.. marrow

  60. Thara says:

    Hi am already a plan b user
    How to open this video now ?
    I shared in whatsapp it’s coming to purchase
    But I don’t know how to purchase images video alone

  61. Padmaja nama says:

    I want to pay for registration. Pls send me link to pay

  62. Soni says:

    Please make it available to plan A and B users also..

  63. Shaik esuf says:

    Sir can watch after shedule, can we save video to revise multiple times ?

  64. Dr Ravi Shankar Yadav says:

    Great Initiative Thankyou Marrow team.

  65. rajrishi yadav says:

    will the slides be available separately or only within the videos?

  66. Ravi says:

    Does the syllabus get covered in meet pg modern online?

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