Frequently Asked Questions about Marrow Edition 4

Marrow Edition 4 is now live on the app.

  1. What is Marrow Edition 4 and who is it meant for?

Marrow Edition 4 is the biggest update of Marrow, ever. It is more conceptual, integrated and outcome-oriented. Edition 4 will have all the much-loved features of Edition 3 untouched, with a host of new features and improvements. 

2. What is new in Marrow Edition 4? 

Lots of things! Here are the main ones:

  • Marrow Videos are now Marrow Master Classes – they are conceptual, integrated and outcome-oriented. The videos are updated and re-recorded to include new question patterns and other latest updates. 
  • The total hours remain the same – 700 hours approximately
  • Vertical integration of clinical subjects in view of recent NEET PG questions.
  • Master Classes are tightly integrated with the QBank.
  • Thoroughly updated modules, especially in subjects like Ortho and Anatomy

We will be adding two new features after March 2020:

  • Test and Discussion which includes previous year question discussion
  • Specialized content for Quick/Rapid revision

3. Will the faculty change?

No, all the faculty will remain the same. However, the videos will be updated and re-recorded to include new question patterns and other latest updates. So Edition 4 videos will be called Master Classes.

4. What will happen to the old Edition 3 videos? 

You can access Edition 3 videos by going to: sidebar > Tap on “settings” > Account settings > Version > Edition 3
Please note that Edition 3 videos will be available only till end of May.

5. Where are my Image-based discussion videos?

Image-based discussion videos are a part of Marrow Edition 3 videos. You can access them by going to: sidebar > Tap on “settings” > Account settings > Version > Edition 3

6. Will the new update erase all the bookmarks?

No, your bookmarks from Edition 3 will be retained in Edition 4.

7. Why has my module completed count in the home page gone down?

With the launch of Edition 4, all the earlier videos have been updated with Master Classes, which are more concept-driven and exam-oriented. This has reset the completion count of the video modules.

8. Will the Notes change?

Yes, there will be a new set of Notes for Edition 4 Master Classes. Edition 4 Notes will be available for purchase from the second week of Jan.

9. When will the soft copy of Marrow Edition 4 be published?

The soft copy of Notes is right now available for Edition 3 Videos. Soft copy of Edition 4 Notes will be updated for 7 subjects by mid-January, and the rest of the subjects by mid-April.

10. When is Edition 4 going live?

Marrow Edition 4 is now live on the app.

11. When can I purchase Edition 4 notes?

Edition 4 Notes are now available for purchase. Please check here to know more.

12. Can existing Plan C users buy the new Notes?

Yes, existing Plan C users can buy Edition 4 notes, even if they have bought the previous version of Notes.

13. So, how do I purchase Marrow Edition 4?

Click on the below button to get Marrow Edition 4:

14. Does this purchase include Edition 4 notes?

No, the Edition 4 Notes have to be purchased separately.

15. Will existing Marrow Pro subscribers get the Edition 4?

Yes, your existing plan has been upgraded to Edition 4.

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215 Responses

  1. Parth says:

    What will be the approx price for notes in new edition?

  2. Vishal kumar says:

    If we take edition 4 now, when date of uses will be counted

  3. Sid says:

    Any changes in the Qbanks?
    Any benefits for plan B users?

  4. Krishna says:

    when is the marrow edition 4 releasing
    And will its videos be too different from the last ones ? as I have already made my full notes from the previous edition

  5. Ketose says:

    Please don’t remove previous edition videos

  6. Shweta says:

    Please do not remove the old videos, as I have already made notes from edition 3 videos

    • Amit says:

      It’s for ur own good u need to be updated as a doctor u can’t keep stick to old things just review the videos it will be real quick not much of changed

  7. Kalpesh J says:

    can you provide access to medicine lecture only??how much it cost ? and what is the duration

  8. Ketose says:

    Where is those old emergency section ?

  9. Suraj says:

    Do existing plan c pro users get edition 4 automatically or do we have to purchase it separately

  10. Popeye says:

    Please don’t remove the old videos at least for a few months

  11. Madan lal says:

    How do I access older vedios of edition 3?

  12. Saket Gandhi says:

    I had purchased the notes from edition 3
    Now it has been updated to edition 4.
    Now whether I have to purchase the notes again or will get some concession whilr buying those?

  13. SAKET GANDHI says:

    Till when the edition 3 videos will be available?

  14. Ayushi says:

    How can we update the notes we have already made using marrow edition 3?

  15. SS says:

    What about the special video series for exams? Can’t find them on app

  16. Rachita says:

    Does previous plan c students need to buy the new notes

  17. Atul says:

    Please don’t remove edition 3 videos…
    Till when edition 3 videos marrow is keeping??

  18. Geetanjali says:

    Can i please view the old videos

  19. Ashutosh says:

    Will there be soft copy of notes or only hard copy will be available

  20. sugandha jaiswal says:

    Please dont remove edition 3 , the notes after videos in the notes section are of much help. In this new version, there is no notes seen, it has been vanished, why so?? Bring new version but dont remove the previous features. Kindly consider the request pls.

  21. Suganfha says:

    Please dont remove notes section from marrow edition 3

  22. Sugandha says:

    Please dont remove edition 3 old videos, new version has almost vanished the notes section. Kindly consider the request!!

  23. Mahathi says:

    Please upload old master image based discussions again
    those videos are much helpful for preparation

  24. Bharath says:

    Please upload videos of anatomy, legal medicine and medicine as soon as possible

  25. phani says:

    please dont remove marrow edition 3

  26. Lahhari says:

    Please upload medicine videos!

  27. Rekha says:

    Any questions added in old question bank

  28. Hemavathi says:

    When will the soft copy of notes available for the videos?

  29. Balaji says:

    When will medicine videos be updated???

  30. Akhila D s says:

    Is this individual plans or pair plans??

  31. Arnav says:

    Which 7 subjects will be covered in the Set 1 of Marrow edition 4 notes?

  32. Amaresh says:

    Can you mark videoes which contains new update and information which were not there in marrow edition 3.0

  33. Rohit says:

    When will be the revision videos uploaded??

  34. Dr shiv says:

    What will be the approx price for renew my c plan?

  35. pallav kumar says:

    I hv already read optha from version 3…do I need to rewatch videos or I can move with other subjects? is there a lot of changes in study material ..or just the change in pattern?

  36. Shreekanth says:

    Certain topics in 3rd edition are not there in 4th edition and certain concepts are not covered in 4th edition why is that so eg: in pediatrics rickets is covered in 3rd edition but not in 4th and 3rd edition has more hours of videos

  37. Harshitha B S says:

    Related to Q Bank – Please do provide option of marking incomplete in Q bank , so that after revising notes we can solve questionagain and again regarding particular topic…

  38. Yashasvi Barfa says:

    Hey i have a doubt.
    I am marrow edition 3 pro user i had bought this version now i switched the edition 3to 4 and i have been loving the lectures. I want to ask till when will be the marrow edition 4vedios for marrow edition 3 user and my plan is till may 2020

  39. Nikhil Nanajkar says:

    Plz give some offer on extension plan C of previous users..

  40. Sreejith PV says:

    Sir I am a Plan C user from 2019 onwards. I did some grand tests from edition 3. Unfortunately i couldnt appear for neet this year. I subscribed marrow edition 4 plan c with using existing marrow account. Now the problem is the grand tests i have done earlier is shown as completed. I cant do it again using this year subscription. So I request you to provide an option to reset grand test for those who has renewed the subscription.

  41. Priti says:

    M just a 3rd. Year passed out ….about to begin my final year …wat is best plan for me

  42. Arun says:

    Can two members can watch video lectures on 2 different devices with single plan c subscription

  43. Mani says:

    When will quick revision go online ? I just want to buy quick revision and what will be the cost for quick revision only ?

  44. Rupesh says:

    Edition 4 notes have gapes for videos or fully completed?

  45. A R Chavan says:

    When will the Online notes or slides available????

  46. Mohammed shariq says:

    hi, i had topped anatomy in first year, microbiology in second yr and had been the overall topper as well. can i get an additional discount ?

  47. Giri says:

    My plan B ending this month …
    Can i extend my planB for another 6 month??

  48. Ritwik says:

    Marrow notes available for plan B user

  49. Vishnu says:

    If I renewed the plan then , will it automatically upgraded to edition 4 or remains as edition 3???

  50. Anam says:

    I have three personal different devices, so can you tell me whether I can use the pro plan in all three of them at different times?

  51. Reena Sharma says:

    I have subscribed marrow pro plan C.I want to change my registered mobile no with existing one.. because of this it is not reflecting on my laptop..pls help me out

  52. D Mukherjee says:

    Why can’t I see which videos are optional?

  53. Ashwini Suryawanshi says:

    How do i get to know that I’m within the first 4000 registrations??

  54. Sona tomar says:

    I want to know the charges and video will play on laptop??

  55. Manish says:

    After changing marrow version 4 to version 3 , can i switch again from version 3 to version 4

  56. M. Azeem says:

    What if i asked someone else to pay on my behalf from their own mobile or their own bank account. Would i still able to use on my mobile ?

  57. shivakumar r says:

    can i watch marrow videos in my lap with windows 8 os? how?

  58. Kk says:

    Sir how I remove ,my all solved questions ,which I was book marked or solved in previous purchases in 2019

  59. Prajna Priyadarshinee jena says:

    image based videos won’t available after may end???

  60. Basant Kumar says:

    Do we get notes of revision also

  61. Mohit says:

    Sir as next pattern is not yet announced so is there be any chances of further video content changes after release of guidelines of next and if so will you gonna provide replaced new notes hardcopy for those who already buy the edition 4.0 notes

  62. Pooja says:

    Will the edition help for the new pattern of neet that is NEXT?! I am supposed to give it in 2023 and I am confused between classroom coaching and marrow

  63. Lovie says:

    Can we get integrated questions of all subjects…?

  64. Sudhir bhahat says:

    Helo sir/mam
    I am from Nepal
    I want to buy marrow plan c user.But I don’t have mobile banking nither I have visa or atm card of India .how to pay money ?? What is the process of paying money ?? Please reply or call once

  65. Akhilesh says:

    I have applied and paid for marrow pro plan c earlier i was in free ,i paid 31k activate pro on my account

  66. Shreya Ghosh says:

    Can I use it only for 700 hrs in A year not more than that in whole 1 year?

  67. Preet says:

    Please help my account is blocked unknowingly someone has hacked it

  68. Subodh says:

    Can we see hee live master classes videos later?

  69. Ram says:

    When will master revision Classes we be live..???

  70. Kondle Sravya says:

    Is there any limit for the hours we view the video classes?
    What I mean is if we view the videos again and again does it cause limit of viewing other videos?

  71. Esha Mitra says:

    Why are certain video lectures removed from virology in edition 4?

  72. Sanjitha Mohan says:

    Where should I deliver the correction of mistakes in a video?

  73. Apoorva Ojha says:

    Please send me the planner link….that Dr. Abbas sir was talking about in last session ..

  74. Prakhar Chichani says:

    I bought edition 3 notes recently few months back and i only study 3-4 subjects and now edition 4 notes came.So what will I do of my edition 3 notes? Is there is any replacement option, so that I save my money otherwise I have to again purchase and again next year new edition will come..and will again have to buy new notes

  75. shreya sarolkar says:

    Is there more discount on plan b??…what will be final price???

  76. Gourav says:

    Do I have to purchase new notes of edition 4 if I already have marrow notes of edition 3 or I else I can upgrade edition 3 notes only

  77. prathap mohan says:

    I am subscribed plan c, will it get 2 months extension….. #COVID19

  78. Dhanushree says:

    Does marrow edition change every Yr? If not how often they are going to change.

  79. Chakradhar says:

    My old phone is lost and marrow account is logged in that device
    How to log out of that device?

  80. Kailash Kumar says:

    I bought my marrow notes but no communication till now Plz tell something about the my notes I am anxious for Aiims

  81. Ajithkumar says:

    I am a marrow user,I had c plan ,my plan offer course is completed,so I decide to extend the offer by 15 days free extention plan, I am gathered my friends and tell them to use marrow c plan, before buying marrow I request them to apply my coupon code,then I got 1 month extension by 2 of my friends
    Is that possible to extend further more days
    Because I am from middle class so I can’t affordable for that much money
    I request u to clear my doubt and help me sir,

  82. Archana tomar says:

    How can i change my address to recieve 2nd set of notes???

  83. Mugdha says:

    What about NEXT exam is marrow helpful for it also, as next it clinically oriented exam

  84. Nishi Gupta says:

    Hello, I would like to know if marrow notes will be delivered in the lockdown if I order them now? If no then by when will they be available?

  85. Himanshu Baranwal says:

    I want to ask can we order individual subject notes? Is that kind of feature available in marrow?

  86. Soundarya says:

    I want to ask if I give a subject wise test and after the test if I logout of my account and login later will the test which I have given and rank wil be still available for me ?

  87. Murugaiyan says:

    I recently subscribed marrow plan c.will I get availed to extend for another 3months with this new plan

  88. Diksha says:

    Can I buy the subscription for individual subjects as I’m the 2nd year mbbs Student there is waste of 3rd and 4th year subjects, and it is not possible for me to do all the subjects in 2nd year. Please help me out

  89. Prach says:

    I want to enroll for 24 months Plan C, however 46,500/- seems to be very high. Can you pls help us with additional discount so i can subscribe this.

  90. Prachi says:

    I want to enroll for 24 months Plan C, however 46,500/- seems to be very high. Can you pls help us with additional discount so i can subscribe this.

  91. Amarnath says:

    I want to cancel my order for notes. How can I do?

  92. Aakhyaa Pandey says:

    Will all the videos in Marrow Edition 4.0 uploaded all at once? Or there will be scheduled classes everyday for each subject?

  93. Will all the points in marrow notes are printed in the soft copy

  94. vasundhara says:

    What is marrow-thon?

  95. Roshni says:

    Marrow study planner ?

  96. Chistopher says:

    How many hours can i watch videos exactly i run out of time limit ?

  97. Nikhil Nanajkar says:

    Can I change delivery address for 2 nd set delivery..

  98. Amar says:

    Can I cancel my order for notes

  99. Karuppusamy sevugan says:

    I order marrow notes on march but still i didnt get any updates …kindly reply regarding when i get my order

  100. Sunandan Banerjee says:

    I had a marrow plan C until 29th March 2020. My NIMHANS exam was on 29th March 2020, which, however got postponed due to covid 19. I had even given referral codes to 2 friends to make them subscribe to plan C for an extension. After all this, when I requested marrow for an extension under the current circumstances, I have been asked to just buy for 6 more months.
    No doubt, marrow has been the best help I have ever received for my PG preparation, and I really thought that they would try to be helpful to students at such a time when everyone is having problems. Instead, they just want more subscriptions to earn more money, and that is really disappointing. And to such comments, they leave a reply saying please write to us at support@marrowmed, which I have, more than five times now, I think. And everytime they just wanted me to subscribe to a new plan.
    When every other service, every other educational institutions are giving out materials for free in such testing times, marrow is just looking to increase the number of people subscribing to their plans.
    I do not think marrow has any shortage of students who will be buying their plans, and yet they want someone like me who has been using it for more than a year now, to subscribe for another six months.
    Your services have finally turned over from actually helping students out of good motives to a service that wants to remain technically correct so that they cannot be questioned, and earning money as much as possible from what is not purely a business.
    I, of course, having no choice, will have to buy marrow for another 6 months because I have been too dependant on it from the beginning and have no choice now. But I had really hoped for an extension. And to see the indifference of marrow even in testing and troubled times is disappointing, to put it mildly.

    Sunandan Banerjee

    • Team Marrow says:

      Dear Doctor,
      Glad to know that you are preparing for mid-year exams.
      We have created an exclusive validity extension plan just for you.
      This will extend your validity by 3 months (100 days) and at only Rs 15,999.
      For more details Please write an email to

  101. madhushree says:

    I have purchased marrow edition 4 plan B, but now I also want access to videos. so can I upgrade to plan C now by any means?

  102. Aman says:

    Yes available 18k in marroe appp

  103. Mohammed shoeb ahmed says:

    Iam not able to acess intern mode in my android device

  104. Dr lakshya bohra says:

    I am marrow pro users buyed it last year now I am doing job so how could I get intern mode

  105. Natasha says:

    Is there any neet ss course available..?

  106. Nishu says:

    Please extend marrow 3edition till this year end…we prepared 3 already…we need it till this year end..pls its a request from many students

  107. Mahi says:

    I paid the amount , but there is no tracking number given. How can i track my consignment? How they are going to deliver it.?

  108. Maha says:

    If I take it now,in 4th semester what pattern should I follow? Like what should I complete first, which tests should I attempt?

    • Dr.surendra singh says:

      I paid amount four days back but still tracking number not provided. So please as soon as possible reply..

  109. Ashika says:

    Can I just purchase the notes of selective subjects and not everything?

  110. Manisha says:

    I have edition 3 notes ….Can I buy edition 4 notes now ?

  111. Chowdary says:

    Sir if i take Plan B but want to upgrade to PLAN C,is it possible?

  112. S K Saranya says:

    Sir, I have purchased notes on 11th May 2020. I have not received tracking number. When will the tracking number be provided? When will I receive notes? Please reply at the earliest.

  113. ASHUTOSH SHARMA says:

    I have question
    1. How much is duration for total video lectures
    2 how much time limit we have to watch videos If i watch it multiple times

  114. Mishra says:

    I have ordered marrow notes 3 days much time it ll take to deliver the notes?

  115. Dr.surendra singh says:

    You people are very much irresponsible neither sending notes nor replying…

  116. Meenakshi says:

    can we upgrade from plan B to plan C when i have already subscribed Plan B????? Please let me know is it possible to do so ????

  117. Dr. Surya says:

    When will discussions videos be updated?.

  118. Aniket sahu says:

    I am plan c user, how many times can i make purchase of the notes?

  119. Neha Singhal says:

    In this new update, i can’t check my stats.. Which used to show total no. Of modules completed subjct wise.. Where can I check those?
    Please help

  120. Ron says:

    I purchased Marrow Ed 4 and I’d like to repurchase it. Is it possible?

  121. L.k.Vijaykharthik says:

    How to check the total number of modules present in this app? and how much I completed ? How to check this, in the homepage of the app it says only how many modules completed but I want to know how much is totally there. Is there any way please help me.

  122. rishabh says:

    What was the production cost of each video that had been uploaded im curious as the videos are flawless and brilliant

  123. AQ says:

    Till when is the promo code valid for a discount?

  124. Valentina says:

    book list karen kingsbury

  125. Padma says:

    Actually i bought addition 4last year in plan c , can i buy notes of edition 5 n is the cost included or else i have to pay for it..

  126. Amit says:

    Can you please upload, subjectwise total video length.

  127. raghukunkunuri says:

    Is marrow master classes can be available offiline in downloads?? even after date of plan of expiry time of plan C?

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