Dr Sandeep GC, Rank 3 NIMHANS (Neurosurgery) on how Marrow helped him achieve this feat

Hi Dr. Sandeep. Congrats on your great rank! Please tell us about yourself.

I’m Sandeep G C from Bangalore Medical College, I have secured Rank 3 Neurosurgery in NIMHANS 2019-20
First of all I would like to thank entire Marrow team for providing us a valid, highly reliable QBank source, I am Marrow Plan B pro user for entire span of 1 year preparation.

Can you take us through your preparation journey in brief?

I actually started my NEET preparation with Marrow after last year NIMHANS.
Marrow is unique for its authenticity which is difficult to achieve. Reliability is what makes it better than any online platforms. Every faculty has delivered us the best content required for PG preparation.

What was your favourite feature of Marrow?

My favourite thing about Marrow is the Custom Module option. This was extremely useful for me in the last few months.

How does NEET PG preparation help with NIMHANS?

NIMHANS pattern is 70Q common paper including all 19 subjects exactly same as NEET, 30Q from Neuro & Psych. So this is mainly based on NEET preparation. Marrow helped me a lot in NEET preparation which got carried forward for NIMHANS. I used to study around 8-9 hrs a day. I would like to suggest my juniors to start preparing as soon as possible. I used to solve QBank after finishing my subject notes, so it helped me in recalling every topic.

How did you go about your revision?

Revision is the key. Everyone should give enough time for revision, minimum 2 rounds of revision is must before NEET. For Image based questions, Marrow is more than enough. Controversial Qs not to bE worried much as they will not be repeated. Marrow grand tests and mocks were very useful as they provide us national level platforms and let us know where we stand.

Last 1 week I used to revise highly volatile subjects. I had attempted all 100 Qs in NIMHANS. For all central institutes definitely topics get repeated but for NIMHANS as such there isn’t many repeats. Just stick to basics of all 19 subjects.

Thank you Dr Sandeep! All the best. 🙂

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