Cracked FMGE June 2020 in First Attempt- an interview with Dr. S Sanjay.

The Marrow team is proud of Dr.S.Sanjay who cracked FMGE June 2020 in his first attempt.

1) Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, where did you study, and how did you come across Marrow? 

I am S Sanjay from Vellore, Tamilnadu. I studied at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University – Kharkiv, Ukraine. I came to know about Marrow through YouTube while surfing for preparation videos.

2) When did you start preparing for FMGE? 

There is no specific day to start the preparation for FMGE. I started using Marrow from December 2019 and slowly picked up the pace as exams came near.

3) What do you think about Marrow videos? Who is your favourite teacher in Marrow, and why? 

About Marrow videos, I must say they are filled with concepts from minute 0.00 till the end. I must say it’s an obligatory tool for all the medicos from the very first day of medical school. They make your concepts rock solid. I still remember reading a blog during the 3rd year of my med school saying when concepts are strong, any exam can be easily driven through, and Marrow is a true example of that.

In choosing my favourite teacher, I find it difficult. Because whichever subject you watch, you fall in love with them from the beginning. So every faculty in Marrow is my favourite.

4) What was your approach to solving the MCQs in the Qbank? How often did you do the tests? 

As majority of students do, when I started to solve Qbank, and when some question goes wrong, I use to lose motivation. Still, one day I got the blessing of watching Dr Abbas Ali sir’s YouTube channel where he mentioned about the perseverance of doing QBank despite wrong answers which motivated me.
There is no set pattern I followed for solving the QBank. But solving MCQs is the key factor for cracking any exam, and there’s no shortcut for this.
This must be an everyday habit.

5) What is your favourite feature in Marrow, and why? 

Marrow’s Intern Mode is my favourite feature. It is of great help for students who have less preparation time. It helped me to build 2C’s (confidence and concepts) swiftly without 1C (compromise) with quality. Marrow is super awesome right from its interface to its latest shake and hide feature for reviewing questions. The tech team and the faculty go hand in hand in terms of the quality of efforts they put in. 

6) What was your strategy for revision and how many revisions did you complete after your first reading? 

As Dr Abbas Ali sir mentions in most of his vlogs and also by other faculties, LMR (Last Minute Revision) note played an immense role in my revision. This is really useful in revision as LMR will have all the necessary points in a single notebook.

7) What are the major distractions you came across in your preparation journey, and how did you manage to limit it? 

As I got held up in Ukraine till the last ten days of the exam, my preparation schedule was filled with distraction. Social Media is a strict no-no during your preparation.

Secondly, to mention last year’s crisis where one has to run for his documents to be done correctly and leaving med school, his youth, and college life to enter the real world. Sometimes our mind wants to enjoy the last few days of the university whereas our responsibility wants us to sit and prepare for the exam. I didn’t choose to stick to one but had a good balance between the two. My parents and friends are the sole people in keeping away from all the distractions and kept me motivated to the core till the result day ( yes, not till the exam day but till the result day ).

8) Tell us about the exam day, how did you cope up with the stress, and how did you make use of the break in between the two sessions?

To be frank, I felt no “stress” on the exam day. As this is my first attempt, with hardly a month to prepare, I wanted to give my best. I did not lose faith and I was mentally prepared for any result. I started to get a good amount of sleep (7-8 hrs) from 2 days before the exam. This helped me in remembering and not sleep deprived on the D-day. The first session was a major disaster for all the students, and I just wanted to keep myself high until the end of the exam. Therefore I just gave a quick look on the LMR note again and a nap in-between the sessions. 

9) How would you recommend your juniors to use Marrow for their FMG exam?

As everyone knows about the pattern change seen in June ’20 FMG Exam and upcoming NEXT, the questions being asked are more conceptual and clinically oriented. Therefore, I would recommend my juniors to subscribe to Marrow from the first year. This will help to build concepts from scratch. Marrow, be it their videos or QBank will surely be the best companion in their preparation. Personally, it is a gold standard tool for FMGE as well as NEET PG. 

Wish you all the best for the upcoming exams.


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