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Here’s what’s new and exciting in Edition 8: 

1) All new videos: These videos have been revamped to be crisp and bold, with over 810+ hours of content meticulously designed to make every second count. The Medicine videos are under 135 hours now.

2) Notes - Lean. Mean. Agile: Redesigned to be 40% leaner. They're agile, paraphrased for quick revision, and packed with exam-specific visuals - LINK

3) QBank 8.0 with a touch of personalisation: Features rigorously selected MCQs tailored to the latest exam patterns, plus Magic Modules for targeted revision.

4) GTs that are as close to the real exam as possible: The Grand Tests (GTs) now mirror the actual NEET-PG and INI-CET exams closer than ever in terms of pattern, content, and difficulty. Top rankers in recent exams have used Marrow GTs extensively to pinpoint their weak areas before the big day.

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