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The new revised changes are -

  1. New Clinical Edge Live+ videos - are live on the Marrow YouTube channel - LINK
  2. New Revision videos 
  3. New Recent update videos
  4. Notes of 4 clinical subjects (OBG, Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics) revised as per feedback.

 The remaining subject Video Lessons will remain the same.

Marrow E6.5 Notes are available for purchase at

If you have already purchased E6 Notes, it is not required to repurchase the entire E6.5 Notes. As you already know, E6 videos will remain unchanged. The goal of this updated edition is to bring in the most needed changes of the year, but at the same time retain the best of solid Marrow E6.

The notes of four clinical subjects (OBG, Medicine, Surgery, and Pediatrics) have been improved as per feedback, and these are available for purchase as a special bundle set of 5 Notes at

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