Update on UPI payment Failure and Money deducted

This update is for Users whose Money was deducted but Marrow plan was not activated while doing transaction via UPI

What has happened?

In the past 10 days the UPI platform run by NPCI has been down intermittently Pan India resulting in Payment failure and amount being deducted from your account without plan activation. While this is very unfortunate as your precious time to prepare for NEET PG is passing by. 

There are 2 banks and NPCI in between for every UPI payment, money can be stuck anywhere when it is a failed payment. And at this point of time, the full control in this process is with NCPI and not the merchant. 

To help you out in the best possible way we have a two-step plan 

  1. What you can do now.?
  2. How Marrow can help you?

Please read carefully below :

What can you do?

  1.  Raise a concern in UPI app profile page

Please go to the profile section of UPI app used for payment and Select “Raise a Concern” /Help and then select the transaction in which money was deducted while purchasing marrow plan and then select Raise Concern or Call Bank to get latest details. 

If required we would be able to provide payment failure report from our side on case to case basis. 

Guidelines for failed Online Transaction :

  1.  Call or write to your bank’s dispute department (not support department)

If the amount has been deducted, please contact your bank and raise a charge dispute on this as they can process the refund. Generally, you will get your money back within 15 working days. Please use the below link for the format in which you have to file a written complaint with your bank. 


As a merchant we haven’t received your payment so we cannot initiate your refund please get in touch with the bank with a written complaint.

     3. Submit your issue in Razorpay grievance

Your payment failed due to the UPI server being down. The funds will be auto refunded to your account within 5-7 working days. if this has not happened kindly contact Razorpay and raise a request for the amount being deducted from your account so they can fasten the refund process. Here are the payment details: XXX, XXX. Below is the link to track the refund.


What will Marrow do for you?

If its over 14 days since your purchase attempt  your amount is not yet refunded back , please write to support@marrowmed.com  with proof to help you out.

For further details please write only to support@marrowmed.com


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