Marrow Strike Rate in NEET PG 2021:192/200 (Videos) | 190/200 (QBank)

We are excited to announce the Marrow strike rate for NEET PG 2021! We have published the screenshots of all the Marrow repeat questions as 2 Facebook albums. To view the complete albums, click on the respective buttons below.

The albums include: 

  • Relevant QBank / Video screenshot with the specific point highlighted
  • Corresponding question
  • MCQ IDs, video numbers & timestamps, for recall
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11 Responses

  1. Marrow test series is benifit to us in neet pg 2021exam

  2. Dr Tawseef Rashid Wani says:

    Marrow is gold standard for NEET PG..

  3. Pooja S K says:

    Marrow is one of the best online platform for NeetPg preparation. It has very good teaching staff, best question bank, and the grand test simulates actual exam pattern, may it be neetPG or INI-CET. Thank you so much to the whole team of marrow for providing best online platform for PG preparation.

  4. Saumya vatturi says:

    Marrow is the best .. helped to build my concepts and best mentor to make doctors..

  5. Battu prakash says:

    Super excellant

  6. Battu prakash says:


  7. Tejashwini says:

    Yes..marrow faculty is absolutely fantastic..I dnt know whether I’ll get seat r not but marrow made me stronger through my concepts.. especially Rakesh sir you are awesome

  8. Asif Iqbal says:

    Excellent team work from Marrow

  9. Sasmita says:

    I love marrow

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