Marrow National Mocks 2022

The layout of the exam, both INICET & NEET PG was exactly the same as in Marrow website. While giving the main exam I felt like I was giving a Marrow GT

Dr Arjun – Rank 2, NEET PG 2021

We are glad to announce the largest pan-India Mock Tests, featuring two National Mock Tests.

TestLive fromTest Duration
National INICET mock 2022 Apr 6, 10 am180 mins
National NEET PG  mock 2022Apr 20, 10 am210 mins

These mocks will be as per the official NEET PG & INI-CET exam pattern, with multiple-choice questions.

Why is it important to take these tests?

Marrow Mocks and GTs are taken by over 1 Lakh+ participants across India. As a result, attempting these exams will give you an idea of where you stand in the real competition. With the exams coming up in the month of May, it is highly recommended to attend these tests, as a simulator for the real exam.

Where can I take the tests?

You can take the test from your desktop/laptop or on the Marrow app. However, it is recommended to take the exam on a laptop/desktop for an experience closest to the real exam.

Who can take these tests?

The National INICET & NEET PG mock tests are free and open to all Marrow users.

Can we give the test after the results are out?

You can, but you will get only a predicted rank which is considered less accurate. So it is not recommended.

Will I still see the review and post-test analysis in the Marrow app?

Yes, the review and post-test analysis will be available in the app.

All the best.


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