12 out of top 20 NEET PG Rankers were ranked within Top 20 in Marrow National Mock as well!


Marrow test series are created with utmost precision and planning to make you exam ready. We strongly recommend all Pro users to take these exams very seriously. In the recent NEET PG exam 12 out of 20 top rankers were ranked within 20 in Marrow National Mock as well.

NEET PG 2018 Rank v/s Marrow Mock Test Rank

NEET PG 2018 Student Marrow National Mock Test
AIR 2 Dr. Shiralee Runwal Marrow National Mock Rank 4
AIR 3 Dr. Madhan Ram Marrow National Mock Rank 13
AIR 4 Dr. Bhushan Shrikhande Marrow National Mock Rank 5
AIR 5 Dr. Jagriti Nahata Marrow National Mock Rank 1
AIR 7 Dr. Nishitha SH Marrow National Mock Rank 2
AIR 9 Dr. Virinchi Yadav Marrow Grand Mock1 Rank 15

If all these toppers took Marrow Test Series seriously, it is a no-brainer that you should too!

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10 things to know about Marrow Test Series

1) Grand tests are the most important among all the tests.

2) There will never be a time or day when you will be completely ready for a Grand Test. So do not wait for the right moment.

3) Again all Grand tests need to be taken irrespective of your stage or level of preparation.

4) Grand tests should be taken during the allotted time window with strict discipline.

5) Subject Wise tests can be taken once you are done with the first level study or a revision.

6) In the real exam you will be making educated guesses in more than 50% questions.

7) You should be making steady progress with each test, in your score as well as rank. If not, it is time to revisit your preparation and strategy.

8) The ranks will give a clear indication on where you stand. Last year Marrow test series had the largest attendance in India and this year we expect even more.

9) Make notes from the test MCQs. Use bookmark feature to review them later.

10) Remember, you will be taking a computer based exam. Books and classes (Video/Live) can only take you so far. Solving MCQs will make you exam ready.

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  1. Pajesh Jp says:

    I have seen myself improving a lot after subscription and doin Marrow tests!

  2. Dr khan says:

    jst awesome

  3. NIRMALKUMAR says:

    Thanks for giving importance of Grand test. I know it really reflect my stage I attended 2wk conducted grand test..thank you

  4. Ayub Ali says:

    Marrow is one the most easy and effective way of preparing for exams. All the contents are must know points and they are authentic. I see improving significantly after using this app. Fall in love with marrow team.

  5. Kundan singh says:

    It’s an awesome app for pg medical entrance examination.

  6. Urmimala Bhattacharjee says:

    Sir please could you arrange for daily rounds of superlatives test set of 25 questions..

  7. Soha says:

    It was better if you provided students with authors books also in package. It will make following there classes easier

  8. Renuga says:

    Brilliant answers

  9. Sulaksh Mittal says:

    I feel like I am giving exam. Nice level, good explanations, and brilliant question bank with videos. Good work marrow. With you exam preparation is easy. Also it helps me to pre plan my approach. Thanks alot teachers!

  10. Som says:

    Team marrow could u increase the no. Of nimhans mock exams in testseries

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