Marrow Notes E6.5

19 subjects with high quality images & flowcharts

Marrow Notes E6.5 - What to expect:
  • Based on E6 Videos
  • Revised Notes of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics
  • New Forensic Medicine Notes
  • Includes high-quality images, original illustrations, tables & flowcharts
  • Designed to be your primary handwritten notes
Marrow E6.5 Year-wise Notes
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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is eligible to purchase E6.5 Notes?
The Marrow Notes E6.5 can only be purchased if you are an active Plan C user (Videos + QBank + Tests).
Do I need to purchase Notes E6.5 if I already purchased Notes E6?
No, you need not have to purchase Notes E6.5 if you already have Notes E6. The content of Notes E6.5 remains the same as Notes E6, as it is a transcript of the E6 videos.
Why are there new notes for Forensic Medicine?
The Forensic Medicine faculty has changed. The new Notes are based on transcripts of Videos by the new faculty.
When will I receive my Notes?
The full set of Notes will be dispatched within 2 business days from the purchase date. The Notes are estimated to be delivered within 15 working days from the date of dispatch. Any Government restrictions, calamities (natural and man-made), etc., may lead to a delay in delivery as it is beyond our control.
Will all subjects be shipped as a single set?
Yes, you will receive all 19 subjects as a single set.
How can I get my tracking ID?
We will email your tracking details once your notes are shipped. You can also find your tracking ID on this link.
Can I change the address after placing the order?
You can only change the address via this link if your order has not yet been dispatched. Once it has been dispatched, you cannot change the address.
I have received damaged Notes. What should I do?
In the event of damaged/tampered products, please let us know within 2 days of delivery with a photo attachment. Upon confirmation from our review team, replacement of that particular book will be done within 15-18 days from the date of reporting.
I have missing pages in Notes. What should I do?
In the case of missing pages, we will replace the particular subject copy within 18 days.
Can I order multiple sets of Notes?
No. A Marrow Pro student who is eligible to purchase Notes can buy only one set of Notes.
I have Plan B, can I purchase the Notes?
Plan B users are not eligible to purchase the Notes since the Notes content is based on Marrow Videos. You can add videos to your Plan B to be eligible for Notes. Please check your eligibility here.
Will Marrow Edition 6.5 Notes cover all the subjects?
Yes. The Notes will include all 19 subjects.
Can I cancel my ordered Notes?
No. Once your order is placed, it can not be cancelled.
Why are there blank spaces in E6.5 Notes?

There are two kinds of blank spaces for you to take your own notes:

  • Active Spaces are where you can add relevant points from QBank, create your own mnemonics and re-iterate important aspects from the video to the already existing notes.
  • Workbook Spaces are where you can fill in the blanks with relevant content from the videos for better practice and retention.
How much of Marrow Videos is covered in Notes E6.5?
Marrow Notes E6.5 covers almost 90% of the content in Marrow Videos.
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