How to Prepare Using Marrow


Marrow QBank is a highly selected, topic-wise collection of 26,500+ MCQs (QBank + Test Series), which includes only the high yield and repeat questions.

  1. Solve QBank after studying a subject or topic (Synchronous method): You should solve the QBank MCQs from a particular topic after you understand the basics of the topic (eg. after a coaching class or a video lesson). This is practised by most toppers as you can see here in their review.

    Asynchronous method: In this method, you can solve QBank modules independently of other factors like your classes or level of preparation. Asynchronous method will take some time (2-4 weeks) to get used to, but this method is highly efficient.

  2. SOLVE MCQs, not just READ them: You will be taking a computer-based exam with negative marks. Reading only from books will not make you exam-ready. Solving QBank in a real exam-like manner is important, and this will help improve your educated guess.

  3. Make notes: Make notes from QBank whenever possible. If you are solving MCQs on the go, you can make notes later using the review mode of the QBank. You should have your own notes.

  4. Plan for revision: You will forget a lot. This is normal, so make sure you allot adequate time to revise the MCQs you solve on QBank. Use the bookmark feature wisely to mark MCQs for revision.

  5. Do not skip: The QBank consists of only highly selected repeat and high-yield questions. Skipping questions might defeat the purpose of QBank. So make sure you mindfully solve all the MCQs before marking a topic complete.

Test Series

Marrow test series has the largest participants in India. Here are 5 points which will help you to get the best out of Marrow test series.

  1. Grand tests: They are the most important among all the tests, which will prepare you for the real exam. There will never be a time or day when you will be completely ready for a Grand Test. So do not wait for the right moment. Grand tests need to be taken during the allotted time window with strict discipline irrespective of your stage or level of preparation.

  2. Subject wise tests and Mini tests can be taken once you are done with the first level study or during revision.

  3. Train for Educated guess: In the real exam you will be making educated guesses in more than 50% questions. Use Guess Tracker to analyse your guesses post exam and try to improve on it.

  4. Track score and rank: Since Marrow test series are taken by the largest pool of students in India, the ranks will give a clear indication of where you stand. You should be making steady progress with each test, in your score as well as rank. If not, it is time to revisit your preparation and strategy.

  5. Review your wrong answers: Review your wrong answers: In the review page, apply the filter for incorrect answers and review them all.


700+ hours of recorded videos on Marrow are comprehensive and precise at the same time and have to be used wisely.

  1. Have a plan and timetable: Different students use video classes in different context. If you are using the video classes instead of a traditional coaching, you should have a clear timetable and plan. Video classes should fit in <50% of your allotted days for a subject. If you are using videos are a supplementary tool, you can selectively watch only the videos you require.

  2. Make notes: Your primary goal while watching videos should be to understand the concept and make notes. You need not attempt to make a perfect note, and do not be too critical of the notes you make.

  3. You NEED NOT watch all the videos.Do not feel obliged to complete all the videos. If you cannot cover them within the time allocated for videos in your time table, SKIP THEM & move on to QBank. You can also skip videos in topics / specialities you are otherwise good at.

  4. Use the smart features: You can watch videos at higher speed (1.5x) to make notes faster. Use the topicwise timestamp feature to selectively watch or skip topics. We do not advice pausing or rewinding the videos as it will unnecessarily delay your preparation.

  5. Preparing Early: If you are a medical student ( Final year - Prefinal year - Third year) who is using Marrow videos you can use these videos to supplement your theory classes. At the same time these videos will familiarize you with NEET pattern as well. In this case, we do recommend taking down notes and having a timetable.